Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday...and I wish I was still sleeping!

Wow- really long day yesterday. Probably felt longer because I was hacking up a lung last night. Doesn't that always happen when you are almost over a cold but need to not cough in a very quiet and reverent place? That was me at the temple last night. I think I was making myself sick with all the cough drops I was consuming. But it is all good. And I am so grateful I was there last night. It really gives me a foundation for my week. FYI, of course once I was home, I coughed a couple of times but no big deal. Isn't that always the way?

I managed to get out of bed and get to work this morning though 5 hours of sleep really does not do it for me. Thoughts of an afternoon nap when I am off work today really sound good...or a possible morning nap under my desk (Okay, I won't do the nap under the desk.)! It's felt like a long week. And I am working on a stamp set today that is not falling into place like I would like it to. I hope to change that today as I work.

I think we all have days/weeks/months like this at times. Ah, blessed sleep! How I long for you! ; )

Even though I still have this silly cough (and I really am grateful that it isn't a sore throat cold and a really not that bad kind of cold...other than the embarrassing coughing fits when I need to not cough...), overall I am doing so great! It's Friday. Right now the sun is shining. I have a good job, and I can handle a lack of sleep for now. Because it is FRIDAY and I can sleep in tomorrow and Sunday. And tomorrow we do my brother's temple work! That is the most exciting thing ever!

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Laura said...

I am always coughing just when I don't want to! I can go most of the week without coughing, but get me up in front of the Primary to lead music? *cough, cough, cough* Hope your cough goes away soon!