Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is Spring finally coming?

Hello, Wednesday. Can my cold be done now? Yes, I have the joy of having a little cold. It really is not a bad one. No sore throat but it is the kind that late at night and first thing in the morning I really notice it. And I am so not amused. During the day I am fine. Ah well. I hope it goes away soon. I am glad it is not worse. Though I hear that weather doesn't really affect a person from having a cold, I can't help but think that our crazy Spring this year is not helping. Warm one day and then rain and snow the next. My system is all confused.

Here is a little Spring sketch of a mom and baby. Of how Spring is supposed to finally turn out.
Happy Wednesday! I hear it is supposed to be warmer today. Now that would be nice. I think.

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