Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here is the logo that makes me happy...

Every time I see this logo on NBC, it makes me happy. Yay Vancouver!!! Just brings a smile to my heart.
My aunt's sister, who lives in Vancouver, sent me an Olympic postcard that I got yesterday in the mail. That is so sweet of her. Thanks, Audrey! I am collecting all my Vancouver Olympic mementos.

The Flying Tomato did good last night. Wow- Shaun White is amazing.

Happy Thursday!


Heather said...

You are the cutest, Lori! Canada and Canadians are awesome. Especially the ones who can draw. :-)

I still remember the ketchup (?) or mustard chips that you brought to work. So awesome!

Lori said...

they were ketchup chips. my favorite are salt and vinegar chips. though i don't eat hardly any salt anymore so they are a bit powerful now.

Marilyn said...

I've been thinking about you every time I watch the Olympics. BC looks like an awesome place and I'd love to go there one day.

AMIT said...

Great that you become happy by seeing this logo.

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