Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a...'s a's Wednesday. (Well, maybe it looks more like a baby chick.)
Not too much going on at the moment. Which is a good thing I guess. I do know I am wanting the weekend to come so that I can sleep in. The last two mornings I have been very unhappy that my alarm clock went off. Just so unbelievable that it could be morning already. I wish I could make myself fall asleep at about 9pm but that is close to impossible. 10:30 or 11 is more the norm for me. And then I complain that I am getting up at 5am. Ah well. I need to shut down and sleep. That would help.
I need to get my taxes figured out. I do hope I get a refund. Of course it is smart to break even but there is something about getting a lump sum in February or March that makes me happy. We will see.

Oh, a funny thing I needed to 3 year old nephew told his mom (my sister Karen) the other day that he is annotated with her... Irritated with her? We are not sure. But it made us laugh for sure.

And my 7 year old nephew keeps dropping his clothes on the floor of his room when he changes. And leaves them there. So his mom (my sister Debbie) said to him, "Marcus, you need to pick your clothes up after you take them off." And he sighed and said, "I knew this day would come!" ; )

Okay another thing to add. My sister Karen had an amazing dream last night. I wish I had one like that. She dreamt she saw our brother Jason in a room. She was so overwhelmed and said," Oh, Jason, you aren't dead." And Jason said, "Yes, Karen, I'm alive." She told me she was so overwhelmingly happy to see him. As I would be for sure. That just touched my heart and solidifies my feelings and testimony that I know my brother Jason is away from us but that his spirit is VERY much alive. That he is not dead. His body is resting till the resurrection but he is very much alive. And that he is near us. Oh, how we miss him!!! 10 months tomorrow. 2 months till we get to do his temple work. What an amazing day that will be and I know he wants it done. And I know he misses us too.

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Laura said...

Funny kids! I love Karen's dream. Your brother is alive! Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Big hugs from Iowa!