Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A fun-filled packed weekend!

I loved it that July 4th was on a Sunday this year. This way we got to enjoy 4th of July festivities on Saturday and Monday. So on Saturday, my sister Karen and two of her boys and I went to the hot air balloons fest. Too windy to let a lot of them take off. But this Alexander's one went for a ride.
Here is the infamous pig balloon. And my sis and two of her boys.
Then that night I went to Stadium of Fire with some friends. Carrie Underwood performed. She has an amazing voice.
Here is one photo of the festivities in the stadium before it got dark.
Fireworks. Woohoo!
And more! (I'm just glad that I wasn't in the group of spectators that got hit by some wayward fireworks in the stands. Eek. Smoke billowed all around them but there were no injuries. Phew.)
So then on Sunday, it was nice to sing patriotic songs and to have testimony meeting and to hear people remind us of how blessed we all are.

And then on Monday morning I ran in the Freedom Festival 5k. Woohoo. Here is my racing chip on my shoe. I ran the whole time until the last 3/4 of a mile was a slight uphill and so i had to walk a little but still ran most of it. We got a medal that says "Finisher" on it and the shirts were fun this year. Like racing shirts.
And here is one lone photo of the parade. Showing the temple and wagon and pioneers. FYI- do you see those people on top of that roof above the parade? Don't slide off! By the way- there were lots of floats and bands and the parade lasted about 2 hours.
Then after the parade, our family met at my sister deb's for a bbq. Yum. I was so hungry. And then after we went to the stables where their horse Sundance is. This first picture is of a new colt that is a few days old. Cute. We also met an albino filly but I didn't take a photo. Should have.
Here is my brother-in-law Troy with Sundance.
A close up of Sundance.
Troy and Sundance and Kiley and Kolby.
And there you go. I was so tired when I got home on Monday late afternoon. I just laid around and watched tv and was so unmotivated to do anything else. It was a funfilled funpacked weekend. Now back to reality and work.


Julie Baldwin said...

We were at the race too. Too bad we didn't see you. I think Anna's favorite part of the race was her timing chip on her shoe and the balloons. Funny girl.

Jessica said...

We went to the parade and it looks like we were sitting right by you guys!