Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Duck Tuesday!

It's a good day. The sun is shining.

And I am taking a new oath...to let tense issues and situations roll off my back. I get too caught up in how I sometimes am treated or in how I react in situations. I am going to have this as a goal this year. To be calm. To not stress. To enjoy each day. And not be controlled by things that I usually let control me.
So like this little duck, as he lets things roll off his back...I hope to do more of that.

It's like my friend Dave said one time and it stuck with me... "no worries". I love that. He also is a calm person. I love calm. So I need to work on calm all around me. No more getting so easily bent out of shape. People around me will offend me. That is human nature. And I am certainly not innocent...believe me, I am well aware of sometimes when I have offended and I know there are times when I have offended and not realized.

So here is my motto saying: "No worries." I just need to appreciate each day. And let that "water" roll off my back.

Happy Tuesday!

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Aaron and Lauren Kammeyer said...

Cheers to a "no worries" attitude! It definitely makes a difference in life to "act, and not react" to situations. Thanks for sharing, Lori! (And as always, I love the adorable illustration). :)