Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Thursday. Canada Day! And Rabbit-Rabbit day!

Canada Day is today. July 1st. Frequently referred to as "Canada's birthday", particularly in the popular press,the occasion marks the joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces (the Province of Canada being divided, in the process, into Ontario and Quebec) on July 1, 1867. Canada became a kingdom in its own right on that date, but the British Parliament kept limited rights of political control over the new country that were shed by stages over the years until the last vestiges were surrendered in 1982 when the Constitution Act patriated the Canadian constitution.

It is also Rabbit-Rabbit day today. You, the avid readers of my blog already know that when it is the first day of the month that you are not to say anything on the 1st of the month until you have said "rabbit-rabbit". This ensures you a month of good luck...supposedly. If anything it is just fun to try to remember each month. Thanks, Keddy, for introducing me to this fun monthly event! May you all have good luck each month...even if you do have the beginning stages of alzheimers and can't seem to remember this simple task.

So I keep meaning to post this little drawing I did of a co-worker of mine. Jen got married in June and for her reception she gave the small children a few crayons and a print out of this drawing. Some of the final pieces of artwork were quite hilarious. A couple of children apparently felt the need to draw extra hair on the groom, Sam's, head. One even added a full beard. It was fun to see the final colored pieces. (And I need to add that some of the shading came out a little dark on Jen's face. I have decided when drawing portraits that I can get a softer look when I can also color it all in with the different colors. Or even add more pencil shading to it. But since it was for coloring I needed to keep it more simple. So there.)
Happy Thursday! So excited for the long weekend!!! I get to go see the hot air balloons take off, go to the Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood performing. And watch the parade. Just lots of fun events. Woohoo!

Now to be serious and get some work done today...and tomorrow.

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