Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday is a ride...

Ah- it is Monday! Oh yay! Actually it is good. I got a touch of the flu this weekend. Headache and yucka stomach. Not enough to throw up, gratefully. Just enough that I needed to slow down. Which is a good thing considering I have been going a mile a minute the last month or more.

Anyway I feel okay today. Grateful.
So my nephew Marcus cracks me up. My sis Deb told me that on Saturday Marcus was rolling his little matchbox cars around on the kitchen floor. Interesting thing though was that he had taped the doors shut on the little cars. And also another thought to note: he next to never plays with those cars anymore. (He has other toys to amuse himself.) So finally Deb heard one of his sisters say to him, "Marcus, you better let them go." Deb stopped and wondered what was going on. What was in those cars? You better let "what" go? She quickly found out...Marcus had captured these tiny green grasshoppers out in their field and decided to give them a ride. Isn't that so kind of him? ; )
Anyway, Marcus released them (outside of course) and they hopped away...probably never quite the same again.
Funny Marcus!

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Che' said...

That is a funny story about Marcus and the grasshoppers! It made me smile.

Happy Monday!