Thursday, July 29, 2010

Star Thursday...and a bunny

Look,'s a bunny! (Hi Jase!) This bunny cloud was right outside my work just a little bit ago. Isn't it cute?

And here is the star for Thursday...
Don't you think sometimes that it would just be nice to be a kid and believe in things that as we grow older we tend to not believe in anymore? When you are a kid, anything is possible. So why can't we still think that way all of the time? I know- when you are older, then reality sets in and you have responsibilities. I know I know...I've heard it all.

But still, I think it would be great to just believe. To just have that child-like faith. To wish upon a star and really think that your wish will come true. And really believe it too.

I'm going to adopt that philosophy.

Happy Thursday.

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Lori said...

I guess people that read my blog weren't that excited about the cute bunny cloud as I didn't get any comments on it. oh well. I liked it.