Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A good day on Saturday

So I subbed on Saturday at Mt Timp. And it was a great day to do had been exactly a year since we were able to the temple work for my cute Bumper boy, Jason. What an amazing day that was. It was the best place to be. And it made me think of him a lot that day. Not that we don't think of him nearly every day anyway, but just a tender and sweet reminder. And of course it got me wondering again what he is doing these days. Love you, Bumper, for all eternity and back again! Still so indescribable how strange and sad it is that we can't talk to you (though I know for me that I do talk to you a lot...I just wonder if you have time to hear me.) or see you. But just know I am so proud of you and I know you are finally able to live up to your true potential. We knew you had it in you... and we are so happy knowing that you know this now.

( I just like how these business cards design into my brother's name.)

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Kari said...

Love the cards! So creative. And what a great day and way to celebrate your brother