Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Flying and a little Dancing with some Feathers

For YW, we like to have guests come for the girls. Keeps our activities more interesting for the young women and for us as the leaders...

So the end of April we had our Flight Night. Thanks, Lisa! You made the evening so great! I think the YW and YM both enjoyed it. A good reminder to keep the commandments in order to help protect us.

For an earlier activity in the year, we had our Primary President, Sarah, come and teach folk dancing to us and our young women. It was fun. Though the leaders held out longer than the girls did! Hello! Thanks, Sarah, for taking the time in your busy life and missing your son's soccer game! Thanks to Gwen and Chloe for coming to help their mom!

And then for an even earlier in the year activity, we had Lindsey come and show the girls how to make head bands that were adorned with feathers...no, not indian headbands with lots of feathers...but instead, stylish headbands with feathers as an accent. The feathers were flying but it was a fun activity for sure. Thanks, Lindsey!
I think I am caught up with thank you cards for now...

Happy Tuesday!

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