Friday, May 20, 2011

Trina & an Artist Palette from New York's Fishs Eddy

So my nephew Zach had to interview an artist for school. Oh yah- I guess that is me... most of the time. It was cute. (Though a lot of his aunts and uncles and cousins draw...) He asked me different questions like how long I have been drawing...forever I told him. Ever since I can remember. He asked who inspires me... a favorite illustrator of mine is Trina Schart Hyman. LOVE her style. Here are some samples. Just love the intricate and whimsical style she had. (She passed away in 2004.) I can pick out her books a mile away. I have quite a few.

When I was at BYU, we were asked by our illustration professor to choose an illustrator we admired and the assignment was to write to them and ask them questions about their style. And what inspires them...hah- kind of like my nephew was asking me the other day. Funny.

Anyway- she sent me a copy of this book she did. I treasure it. She hand wrote all the answers to my questions for her. Another amazing keepsake!

This book below is from the story she illustrated called Red Riding Hood. Love it. I own it.

This page is from her book called Snow White. Again another one I own. If I had my way, I would collect all of her published works. I am trying...

I don't own this one...Rapunzel. Love it!

Our SU work group just got back from NYC this week and Kathy brought back a cute ceramic artist palette for me from Fishs Eddy in NYC. A cool store. Lots of overstuffed shelves with lots of kitchen treasures and overall fun knick knacks. It's fun to walk through. I enjoy it when I have been there. Thanks, Kathy! Very fun!
Happy Friday!!! Hey- it stopped raining for a little bit this morning! YESSSSSSSSSS! Though it was pouring on the way to work this morning of course. A semi jack-knifed! So the freeway was cut down to 2 lanes for a bit. Sigh. Yes,people---whether it is raining or snowing- you are not immune! Take it easy already. Slow down. Does it really make that much difference if you get to your destination 5 minutes faster? Just a thought.


missy said...

Beautiful images. I just did a quick search for Trina Schart Hyman at Ever been there? I selected "author" at the top and put her name in the search bar. It brought up a lot of books, some as inexpensive as $0.75. Might be worth a look!

Charlet & family said...

i love this. I should have bought one too.