Thursday, May 26, 2011


So why in the world are people always trying to compare me with other people? Just in the fact that they are always saying,"Did you know you look just like so-and-so?"

My question to the universe is..."Can't I just look like me?"

"Hey, you look just like yourself!" (Wow, that would be a shocker to hear that! Besides it sounding weird...)

Anyway, I just find that extremely odd.

Side note: I do love it when people say I look like my sisters or mom though...since I am related to them and it makes sense.

Yah- this blog post was because I was just feeling weird from a comment spoken to me last night.


Kari said...

So who all do you look like? Anyone I know? I always thought you looked like Lori, but I don't know any of the rest of your family. I always get "you and your sister look like twins" or they just think we're the same person if they don't know us well:(

Jennifer said...

This sure seems to happen to you a lot. It is strange. It's like there's some force in the universe that keeps inspiring people to make those comments. WHY won't it stop?! Well, I want you know know I think you look just like... YOU!!

Lori said...

thanks, Jennifer and Kari!

Yes- I just want to look like me already!