Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Gooder Day

Yep- I am feeling better and I am getting things accomplished at work and at home. It's just all good! I got a couple of logos done and a drawing for some friends for their son's baptism. (I will post the drawing later.) I have one more logo to get done. Oh, and I am also feeling better so that I can work out again. Yay!!!

And I got my lawn mowed...before the rains we have had the last couple of days. YES!!!

And I admit it...I have a lawn mower that I abuse. Lucky thing it isn't a normal mower. In that I really should change the oil once in a while, check the spark plug, and mostly make sure the gas has run dry when I put it away for the winter...but no!!! I have had this little mower for about 6 years or so. And I don't check the oil. I've never gotten a new spark plug. And I leave gas in it over the winter. I know- I am a terrible lawn mower owner!!!! All I do is sit it out in the sun for a couple of hours on the first warm Spring day, punch the button 3 times, pull the cord, and maybe it doesn't start from the first pull...but then on the 2nd pull, it starts up. And I mow my little lawn. Either I am really lucky or my little mower is extremely kind to me. Thank you, little mower! I love you!

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missy said...

Hooray for kind lawn mowers! :) I've been feeling super productive the past few days as well. Always a good feeling!