Thursday, May 12, 2011

Google Fun & Sweet Service

So a BYU animation professor was asked by Google to created a little animated gif for their header yesterday. This is it unanimated (obviously). The run started on the right and these different characters did flips and turns. It was pretty fun. And no, I do not remember what famous person it was representing. Oh well. Anyway, it was fun to see this. Hope you got to also.
Happy Thursday. We had a great activity last night for YW. The girls all have their "adopted older sisters" from the ward that they were supposed to do a service project for. Yah- none of them set anything up. (We are trying to teach them responsibility...hmmmm.) So one of the Laurels suggested we go to a park and do service for ourselves and just talk. Nope. Not happening. We reminded them that the idea was that we do service for the adopted sisters. Hint hint. We decided as leaders that we would all go as a group to each of the sisters' homes and sing a couple of simple hymns. It turned out to be a great evening. Some of the adopted sisters bore their testimonies to the girls. There were a few wiped away tears from some of the older women. And most importantly, I think the girls really felt the spirit and were touched by the words of these women. It was a good evening. I think it was a growing experience for our YW. Much better than hanging out at a park.

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Redpengirl said...

I saw the Google logo and loved it. The dancer is Martha Graham. And the activity sounds great! I wish I knew how to motivate the kids in my seminary class. I know they're busy; I wish I knew how to help them see the big picture and what really matters. Sounds like your activity may have given them a glimpse.