Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Logos a plenty...

Not saying they are any shining moments logos...but they are what they are.

This first logo is for our YW Girls' Camp this Summer. I am trying a couple of ways. The theme is "A League of our own" and the girls came up with the idea that they would be super sister missionaries and that they work together as a team. This logo is kind of the idea that one of our YW came up with. I modified it but tried to keep it true to what was originally drawn...but I fixed it up just a little ; ).
Here is another version. I like the super girl having a red cape better than a gold one. But I also like how the super girl is in front of the letters in the first version but I wanted to keep the letters red...thus the gold cape. Ah well. We will see what the girls want. It is their choice.

And here is an interesting logo I was asked to create for a blinds/vacuum company that is located in California. After many tweaks, this is what they approved. Hey- just so you know, I was not in the brainstorming of the concept meeting! I just drew what I was told. A lot going on for sure!!! Looking at it now, I should have made the surf board less pointy. Oh well. They finally approved it and I was glad to be done with it. The part I do like is the font treatment which took all of 5 seconds. I love it when fonts nestle into each other.
Happy Wednesday! The sun is shining!!! Yes!

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missy said...

I love it when fonts nestle, too. :) I'm kind of a font geek...