Wednesday, June 30, 2010

C O O L...and it's Wednesday

So I ran out of time to post a sketch today.

But I do want to share that my sister Deb and her family are purchasing a horse named Sundance. He is 6 years old and he is a sorrel or sorrel colored...(obviously I am not up on my horse lingo.) Anyway I did a search on the internet for a sorrel 6 year old male horse and this is one of the pictures that came up. Not sure if he looks exactly like this, but isn't this horse so pretty? I am excited to meet Sundance (that's his name). My mom tells me that I rode on a horse when I was about 2 years old...of course I don't remember and obviously I did not ride solo. But I have always loved horses. I know they have big heads, but they seem so wonderful and amazing to me. So maybe sometime I will post that I got to ride him sometime. We will see. (FYI- he is 1300 pounds! My sister told me that most of the horses, at the stable that he is from, are about 900 pounds. He is a big boy!) This is cool...he is the son of Secretariat and is the great great grandson of the original Secretariat.

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Marilyn said...

I LOVE horses. If your sister lives nearby I hope you get to ride her horse.