Saturday, June 26, 2010

Climbing Trees and Rodeoing...perfect!

What a great weekend! I worked with my sister Karen on clearing out our mom's lower basement yesterday. More to do but we got stuff done. After, we got mom's lawn mowed and then the boys played with water balloons. And of course the day had to end with the 3 boys up in the crab apple tree in mom's front lawn. I love this tree. And such cute nephews I have.
So then today was the 6th annual Neighborhood Rodeo out in Eagle Mountain. My sis Deb and her family live out there. It is a wonderful area. Quiet and lots of space. Every year for the last 6 years they have a neighborhood rodeo. Deb invited me and our sister Karen's family to come. What a fun time! Here is Karen and Wy sitting on the hay bed truck waiting to go for a ride.
Here are all the kids from the two families waiting for a ride too. (The girl beside Marcus is not a family member.)
They also had a candy drop event. Here is Wy in his little red outfit running to be with the kids to grab the candy.
Here is the cool candy drop machine. Love it!
Here is Lissa riding along on a horse. Yeehaw!
Here is Lana. Ride 'em, cowgirl!
Here are Lissa and Lana.
Here is Cowboy Marcus! (I didn't catch a photo op of him riding a horse but he did!)
The fake horse race...Ben is the tall one running along.
And here is Ben riding a real horse. He loved it.
Here is Ander riding too. They had such a great time.
Here's little Wy. Riding solo. He said he wanted to drive the horse.
Here is my sister Deb with her family. Minus Lana. She was off somewhere.
Here is Karen and her family. Enjoying the rodeo too.
It was a great day. Just fun to be around lots of horses and rodeo stuff. Just a fun neighborhood activity that we will be happy to come to each year. I even wore a cowboy hat.

It was a good weekend. Now to do some computer stuff. Like get the ward newsletter worked on and maybe some work stamp sets...we will see.

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The Tregeagles said...

This looks like such fun. Great memories.