Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Thursday...and an attempt to be crafty.

So it is my co-worker Kathy's birthday celebration today at work. I drew this card (non-crafty) and this is what I feel that I do an okay job with. Yes, that is a tray of cookies that she is holding. Kathy is known for her pink cookies that she brings to work. From what I hear, everyone adores them. (I, being a non-sugar consumer, have never tasted them. But they do look pretty.)
And here is my attempt at "crafty". We have a machine we sell called The Big Shot. And it has dies that you roll through and cut shapes out. This cookie below is made out of foam sheets from the craft store. And all three shapes were cut out from the The Big Shot. I cut out 40 pink cookies! I stuck the cookie pieces together and then we covered up her wall cabinet covers with aluminum foil to make them look like cookie sheets. Then we stuck the pink cookies on the aluminum foil. Ah, cute.
So crafty! ; )

Happy Thursday. It's supposed to be in the lower 90s today.


Jared and Ché said...

fun idea! bet she loved it!

Charlet said...

great job Lori! Super cute!!!