Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday---it is a good day.

So my almost 4 year old nephew said to me yesterday, "Lori, you are a great artist." He told me that a couple of times yesterday. He had seen some drawings I had done (I drew a bunch of drawings a couple of years ago) that my sister used for sharing time in Primary yesterday. His comment was pretty cute. And sweet. I knew there was no use going into the fact that I have so much to improve on etc. because I know this in so many ways. But it was a sweet gesture of his to tell me this. Made my day. (I did want to try to explain to him that when I was his age that I really doubt that I filled up a notebook a week with drawings like he does. True- he is constantly drawing. It is amazing. I can only imagine at what level he will be drawing as an adult.)

So, I wish everyone a happy Monday and a happy week. I hope a little child gives everyone a compliment. It's the best!


Heather said...

You are totally right, kids give the best compliments. Out of the mouth of babes, right?!

(And BTW, your nephew is right. You are AMAZING!!)

Julie Baldwin said...

As we were shopping today Anna, out of the blue, says, "Hold you!" And she just reached up out of the cart and gave me the best big Anna hug. I love random hugs, just like random compliments. It is a good day!