Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday has come...

Happy "pretend" mouse day since I know a lot of people don't like "real" I don't like them. And it really isn't Mouse Day at all. Just had to throw a drawing in and this mouse was available...
It was a nice weekend. A good Sunday as I helped corral 20 nursery kids at church on Sunday in Nursery. That was entertaining. For the first hour, I was the designated "lap" for a couple of insecure kids. They kept coming back to me to sit on my lap. My legs started to lose their circulation after a bit but it was okay. (I was on the floor with my legs to the side of me.) They are sweet kids. Even a little girl named Emma came to sit on my lap for a little bit. She doesn't smile all that much but I think I got a little smile out of her once. Yay!

And I have to add that at Sunday dinner at Karen and Alan's, Wy came up with a great idea..."cookies for dinner". You can tell that he thought that was the best idea and could not understand why mom and dad said no to that. He cried huge alligator tears that they wouldn't go for his idea. After about an hour he finally calmed down.

Happy Monday!

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