Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

It's a good day. I got some sleep last night. For some reason on Sunday night I was tossing and turning. Oh great. And so at about 2:30 in the afternoon, I got so sleepy. Don't like that for sure.

My niece Erin graduated from high school last week! Way to go, Erin! Love you! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you. (Sorry if you see this before your card actually gets to you in the mail...I sent it yesterday.) Love you!
I hope to accomplish much today... at least more than falling asleep at my desk. : ) Though I do have to say that I created a stamp set from start to finish yesterday. Woot woot! Of course, it hasn't gone to our committee...so maybe I shouldn't be patting myself on the back too soon.

On to bigger and better things today. It's a pretty morning. Have to add that I had nice email conversations with 4 good friends the last week or so. Wow- I am so grateful. I should never ever complain in my life because of the simple fact that I have SO many blessings.

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