Thursday, June 10, 2010

FUNNY THURSDAY! And thumbs up to all!

[Oh, I have to first tell you... I came into work this morning and Kathy's phone (Kathy is a co-worker who tends to misplace her phone a bit) was lying on the ground. I mentioned it to Larry who is another co-worker. Right away he wanted to hide the phone. Hehe. I suggested hiding it in the light. So Larry hid it so you couldn't even see it. When Kathy came into work this morning...Larry called her cellphone. Right away she said she thought it was her phone. I said, "oh really?" Then Larry called it again. And Kathy yelled over the wall to the other girls and asked whose phone that was. She walked over there. Larry called again. Kathy said,"oh, my phone is in my cubicle." Can I just say how hard it was not to laugh? Finally another co-worker, Julie, came over and said she could hear it above Kathy's cubicle. Finally the laughter started and Kathy realized it was above her head on the light. Oh how we laughed! Jim Halpert (from The Office) you would be soooo proud!]

So it's Thursday. I got my 5 miles in at the track last night and then I went and mowed my mom's back lawn after. Can we say "so in need of a shower"? Goodness. But it was a great workout. Loved it! Cock a doodle doo!
So we have drinking fountains at work. Hurray you might say. Well our drinking fountains are very funny to me. The part where you get the water looks like the back of a thumb to me. Seriously. Every time I walk by the fountains, I smile. So I finally took a picture. Don't you think it looks like a thumb? Come on, you have to agree.
Have an amazing Thursday!
P.S. Look around and take a picture of something you think looks like something else. Pretty fun!


The Butlers said...

That is a hilarious office prank,one I will have to remember! I loved reading this to start off my day with a chuckle. Have a great day!

Laura said...

Too funny! And it must be nice to get a thumbs up from the drinking fountain every time you pass. :-)

Heather said...

Haha! Too funny!