Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday and Grateful

It's Tuesday! Yay!

It's sunny out, I am getting work accomplished, and I am healthy. And grateful.

Grateful for cute nieces and a nephew who let me take their photo yesterday in my mom's climbing tree. Also, grateful for non-skinned roads!!!
Seriously people, do you enjoy driving over the "skinned roads" during construction on the freeway? You know how they take the top layer off of the pavement on the freeway and you are left with these ridges on the roads and as you drive on them you feel like you have lost a layer or two of tread on your tires and possibly a layer of enamel on your teeth? Not to mention being shaken about as you endure the torture?
I just have to say that I was SO grateful this morning to find that the part of the freeway that I drive on has FINALLY been given a top smooth layer again! It is such a happy day! Thank you for saving my tires, my car, my teeth, and my sanity! ; )

Have a great day, oh faithful readers. ; )

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