Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Wednesday...and sometimes I wonder

Yes- it's Wednesday (funny- I was just about to type the word Friday! I wish!). Didn't get too much done last night but I did get to the track. Woot woot! That's always a good thing.

Hello, frog with the pink hat and blue flower. Looks like you are smiling.

Which brings me to an interesting observation. Either people in general are just not very happy or they have just forgotten how to smile or have just stopped acknowledging people's existences. And I'm not talking complete strangers either. People that you might not know super well but you do know them. You maybe walk by and smile or the double whammy where you smile and even say hello. And all you get is a blank stare. Oh I know...a lot of times people have so much on their minds that it is a wonder that they are breathing.

But what amazes me, in my observation, is that I watch a person (person #1) smile or smile and say hi to another person (person #2) and that person #2 just greets them with a blank stare. Oh yes...I know you are thinking "well that person #2 probably had a lot on their mind." And again, I agree with times. Because we are all busy, we all have concerns and different things going on each day. I get that.

But what amazes me is that right after that first encounter (above) that another person (person #3) then does the smile/hello to person #2. And right away person #2 will do the smile/hello back to person #3. It TOTALLY amazes me. Oh, how we all look forward to the blank stare! Anyway, just an observation. And it makes me sad. VERY sad. Life should never be that busy nor should there ever be a situation where you ignore another person. Maybe childishness comes into this situation.

My two cents. It is a pretty sad world out there when "small" people populate the planet. I am working on not being small. (Hey, maybe I don't have to go to the track so often! Hehe.) All I can say is that I am grateful for my family and my friends. And maybe this is a good reminder for me too.

NOTE: when I make these random comments, it is just me observing. Doesn't mean that any of you are doing these things to me. Hey- it's my blog and it is just a place I write my observations.


Marilyn said...

I hope I always smile and say hi to you, because just seeing you usually makes me smile. If I ever don't smile at you it's because I am spacing out. (a regular occurance)

Lori said...

fyi- all readers- that i know of- i am not talking about you. i was just making a general statement. because i know we have all encountered it and it just amazes me. shock really.

And Marilyn, thanks. you never offend me.

Tammy said...

You have verbalized very well what I have always felt and wondered about ... "am I really invisible?!" ;)

The Butlers said...

I totally agree with your statements! I have a few people that I encounter regularly and do this and I think to myself, "It's so easy to at least smile and say hello back." Great observation!!! Very well put!

Lori said...

You guys will laugh but it happened to me today at the track. a couple and their baby were riding on thei side by side bicycle. really interesting design. and i commented to them that their bike was amazing. they heard me but just stared at me. and i know they spoke english. just sad. did they think i was going to steal their bicycle or something? so weird.

Heather said...

You totally get me thinking with your post. And I totally agree -- you are so insightful!