Monday, August 9, 2010

Ah, Monday.

Such a busy weekend. Did errands and mowed my mom's lawns on Friday and then went to "Annie, Get Your Gun", the play. (Such a cute play! I can't remember the songs off hand but I was surprised to hear that those songs came from that musical. I had no idea.)

Then Saturday dawned bright and early and we (me, my sis Karen, and her husband Alan, and their boys) met at mom's house to finally dejunk the lower basement. 4 loads to the dump (it was a small trailer that we rented but still!) and 1 big load to DI. I have to say this is the first time I have had to take 2 showers in one day: 1 in the morning and 1 in the late afternoon. I have NEVER sweated so much in my life. My face was dripping and every inch of me was drenched. Can we say "major sweatage"? Maybe I can say I had 3 showers? One was a sweat shower! Eeewww. But such a good feeling to get that all done. I went home at about 4pm and just laid there. Finally the basement is cleared out. Next project: paint my mom's kitchen, family room, and the back of the house. That will be much more fun. But then I like painting.

Also, my brother's oldest daughter Chelsea told us of an amazing experience she had. Something that gave me chills up and down my back. It really was amazing.

It was a good weekend. A lot was accomplished.

Now to get going with this week...

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