Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yep, it's Tuesday!

Ah, cute little nephew drawing. From a Christmas card I did a while back.
It's Tuesday. My front door and shutters got painted yesterday. So shiny. It's a high gloss oil based paint. It looks really nice. My door looked like poster paint before that. It was dull and lifeless. Now it's so pretty. They need to come back today to paint the vent that is way up high and also to paint another little area. And to put in two screws that somehow got misplaced when they reattached my shutters. Slowly but surely I am working on home improvement stuff. It's a good feeling to get stuff fixed up. More to do inside but I am working on it... a little bit each month or so...

I need to get lots of stuff done today at work...I hope to.

Happy Tuesday!

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