Monday, August 30, 2010

"Light"-ening Monday

Wow- on the way to work, lightening kept lighting up the sky and it is continuing. The clouds are moving super fast. I guess the sky is having a party...but if it is- it is above the clouds because it is awfully dark to our view. Now there is pouring rain, VERY loud thunder, and very dark skies....Oh, now the sky is clearing...Yes!

Don't you love it how I am being the weather reporter? ; ) Obviously I don't have much to say today.

Crazy busy weekend. I did not accomplish everything I hoped to. Sigh. But I got a chunk done. So that is good.

A busy week ahead.


Jared and Ché said...

I love your picture!! Very fun!

Anonymous said...

Your picture is so fun!

missy said...

I was thinking of this picture today so I scrolled all the way through your blog to find it. Too cute!! I think it needs to go on a greeting card. What do you think? :)