Monday, August 2, 2010

Sometimes Monday and AMAZING Sunday Sunset!

I have to add...the sky was AMAZING last night. The sun was setting and everything was glowing. Even the grass. This photo does not do the glowing pink tufted clouds justice at all! Seriously, everything was bright and glowing. No other way to describe it. Some kids down the street were dancing around in the glow. It seemed so surreal. The grass seemed an unreal shade of green. And the sky was beyond glowing. W O W! Like my sweet niece Che' said, it truly was like seeing the world through rose colored glasses! Wow again! I had been at my sister's and when I drove into my place, I got out and took a photo right away.

Choo-choo! (This image is from a stamp set I created quite a while back. Ah, cute.)

Wow- I can't believe it is August already! Why does the Summer go by so quickly?

A thought I was thinking about for the last while...why do I sometimes feel like I am living in Junior High? Though I have to say that my actual Junior High (which was Junior Secondary where I grew up) wasn't quite so dramatic. Or do I just let some things get to me...I think that is mostly it. But remember "self", I am trying to practice the "water running off the duck's back" scenario. So I am. But I just have to say that sometimes I find myself in circumstances where I am just amazed. But I am working on not letting it affect me. Because I know that I am an amazing person, that my family and good friends love me, and that I can overcome anything. So there you go- my "sometimes Monday" pep talk. To me. ; ) And I know we all have those days.

You are aware that I write down random thoughts...things that I need to work on. Because I find that if I have a problem with a situation or a person, that I am the one with the problem.

Happy Monday! It was a wonderful weekend and I love being around friends and family. I love being entertained by the 4 year nephew in my life. Such a crack up. (He can talk and sing away for a 3 hour period of time. My brother-in-law is well aware of that. As is my sister.) And it was nice not thinking about the deadlines I have at work. Though that isn't too good of a practice considering we have 5 weeks to finish everything up for the next publication.

Here's to a great day and a great week! (I think I posted this drawing a while back. Yah I need to get some new drawings going...)

P.S. I got bowed to on Sunday after church. My friend Grace is from Korea. As is her husband. They have a sweet little boy who is almost 3. His name is Gordon. I said hello to him as I was leaving church. He turned around and bowed to me. Isn't that sweet? So I got bowed to. Pretty cool.


Jennifer Taylor said...

OK. That sunset was AMAZING! People were coming out of their houses here too. It was funny because we were all inside and, one by one, everyone ended up at a window--and then outside. It was like the sunset had a magnetic pull!

I hope today isn't so jr. high for you. I get that feeling from some people too. (And I don't remember so much drama from my actual jr. high either.)

Funny about being bowed to!

Lori said...

Yes the sunset had a huge magnetic pull. It was so amazing.