Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hippity Dippity Thursday

Ever wanted to hang out with some monsters that live in a cardboard box? Just asking.
So the thunderstorms are still alive and well around here. Though happily the stormage didn't keep me awake last night. I did have to cut short my workout at the track yesterday though for fear of quarter size rain drops falling on my head and possibly ruining my iphone and non-waterproof watch.
At work yesterday we had mondo hail stones that fell for a little bit in the afternoon. I was hoping (a lot) that I wouldn't come out to my car possibly looking like a golf ball with divots all over it. Yay- my car was fine. [Hail are pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus (say that 10 times fast!) clouds.] Though it seems that when it hails that it is quite warm out so I am a bit confused as to why the rain drops might freeze... what goes on inside those clouds? I wonder if they have a freeze ray that zaps the rain drops and then they fall down to our cars?

Happy Thursday!

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Aaron and Lauren Kammeyer said...

Wow! Gotta love those crazy Utah summer thunderstorms! I actually kinda enjoyed those... provided it didn't get too scary in our house. :) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful month of August, Lori! I always enjoy catching up on your updates!

Have a great weekend!