Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cooper's Run Annual 5k Race

I don't know if you heard the news story a year ago about a sweet 4 year old boy who was tragically run over. His name is Cooper. Darling little blond boy with the cutest dimples. A little guy full of lots of energy. Such a terrible loss for their family.

As a family, they decided to host a 5k run every year in memory of him. With otter pops as a treat since that was Cooper's favorite. The money goes to scholarships for kids at the pre-school that Cooper attended. This year 650 people registered and it was enough money for 6 kids to go to the school. I hope to participate each year. I did okay. It was a warm morning and the race didn't start till 9am. I ran most of it but walked off and on. A lot of people did. We were there mostly to support this family. (Who I don't know but they seem to be so amazing plus it is to support our community.)

So I handed my iphone to a girl to take our photo...and here is the back of me...I guess she was a little too quick on pushing the button. Look at those runner legs. Haha.

And here we are. Analane, Lindsey, me, and Sherry. All ready to run...

And I saw these guys wandering around and thought about Jase and how he loved Star Wars. His son Kolby was also a fan as are 3 more of my nephews:Ben, Ander, and Wy. Later I saw Darth Vader walking around. Too bad I didn't get a photo with him. Watch out, I'm armed and dangerous... (No- these guys didn't run in the race but I think they were here because little Cooper was also a fan.) Yah, I know- the fanny pack is such a cute touch. Had to carry my iphone and keys.

Here are some cute little apple balloons that were attached to the booth about the preschool that Cooper attended.

And here is the EMT helicopter that landed in the church parkinglot. That one blade looks like it would bend off. They landed and explained how they care for a person who is injured. Tight quarters in there.
It was a good day. I was glad to be part of this event. I bet little Coop was there yesterday smiling his big grin and wanting to let his family know that he is doing great. I know that Heavenly Father is looking after him and that he was needed on the other side. I hope his family can find comfort.

Oh and "rabbit, rabbit day" today! (Paula, did you remember this time?) Works perfectly with my bunny cloud that I posted the other day...


Paula said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Jared and Ché said...

Yay Lori!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cooper was from our neighborhood. I know his mom from PTA, and she was also the stake YW president when it happened. They are an amazing family and have been such an inspiration to everyone!