Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Thursday and it is whirling by!

SOOO much to do today. Little projects here and there at work today. Hard to keep it all straight. I hope to get through today in one piece! ; ) Redesigns here, new sets there, and breathing in between. And in the back of my mind wanting to work on a project at home. A drawing project.

At least I have the temple tonight. Where I can really breathe.

Happy whirly Thursday!

(no pic today. no time.)


Aaron and Lauren Kammeyer said...

Guess what?! My husband Aaron is serving at the Portland Temple on Thursday nights, so it looks like our Thursday evening shift tradition has continued. :)

Hope you're doing well, Lori, and enjoying the rest of the summer!

Lori said...

yay that Aaron is serving on thursday nights! we were talking about you last night. i told some of the sisters that you are expecting. they are so excited for you. i thought i had mentioned it before. i guess not.

yep i am doing good.