Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funny & Sweet Moments

So when I get to the track, which sadly is a bit sporadic at times, I notice an older little gentleman that just sits in his car and reads for about a half hour/45 minutes. I only see him in the mornings.

As I did my workout at the track this morning, there he was again. Reading away. It got me thinking about him. And I hit upon a scenario...maybe he tells his wife he is "going" to the track every morning. Which he does. The only problem being that he doesn't actually make use of the track. Pretty funny.

I wonder if his wife is just so proud of him for "going" to the track each morning. Those little white lies... ; )
Also, I had to add a sweet little Wy story. His mom, my sister, just had a birthday yesterday. We had a fun lunch and she opened her present from me and mom. Wy has just recently had a birthday but he proudly stated that his birthday is coming soon too and that me and Mom are invited to attend. He also added that he wants Jase to be there. Of course that became a tender moment for us. A few tears as always were shed because of course it reminded us that our Jason is away from us right now and how we miss the real Jase. My sister then reminded Wy that Jase is near us. It was just a sweet moment. A very tender moment. Our cute little 4 year old.

Love you, Jase. Miss you like crazy!

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