Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Party Above My House Wednesday

O H, M Y G O O D N E S S! I woke up this morning to crashes and booms outside. Actually it seemed like it was right above my house! Thunder and lightening with huge flashes of white coming through my windows! I am guessing that the sky was having a party? A loud one for sure. Eek! I quickly turned off my computer and almost didn't want to turn any lights on for fear that the "party in the sky" would notice and come knocking a little louder on my roof!
Yay that it calmed down! Enough of the pots hitting together! S C A R Y!

Have a great Wednesday! And "sky", could you move your party away from me tonight? Not sure what you were celebrating...or if you were just really crabby. But I think if there is any more of this that you need to go to "cloud time-out". ; )

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