Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Also an Illustration Style of Mine...

This is a personal project and style... I just barely started it. I like the bright colors and wacky people style. Probably cuz I am least a little bit. he he.

Some of my New Stamp Sets I drew...

And a list of the ones I did in the Stampin' Up Spring Summer 09 Catalog... down menu: Our Products/ Our Current Catalogs/ Spring Summer 09. Here is the link....

Wow, my stamp sets are on the cover!
Then here are all my stamp sets for this Catalog...enjoy...
1. p. 17 God's Beauty NEW, Comfort Food NEW
2. p. 21 Dream a Little NEW
3. p. 27 You and Moi
4. p.29 A Good Egg
5. p.30 Blooming with Love, Blooms and Bulbs
6. p. 31 Independence Day
7. p. 33 Holiday Blitz
8. p. 34 Spotlight on Christmas
9. A Holly Jolly Christmas (forgot page no.)
10. p. 38 A Big Birthday Candle
11. p. 44 It's a Stretch
12. p. 48 Pun Fun, See you Around
13. p. 56 God is Love, Love
14. p. 57 A Kind Word NEW
15. p. 59 Always in my thoughts
16. p. 60 Together Forever, Forever Flowers
17. p. 61 Special Blessing NEW
18. p. 63 That's Funny NEW, Hoppy for You NEW
19. p.66 Sock Monkey, Sock Monkey Accessories
20. p. 70 Life's a Breeze, Something Fishy
21. p. 71 Once Upon a Time NEW
22. p. 72 Man's Best Friend
23. p. 73 Teacher's Pet
24. p. 74 Just Soccer, Just Football, Just Basketball, Just Riding
25. p. 75 Just Surfing, Just Tennis, Just Baseball
26. p. 89 A Flower for all Seasons, Garden Whimsy
27. p. 92 Simple Friendship NEW
28. p. 99 Playful Petals NEW, Sweet Stems NEW--these are the ones on the cover.
29. p. 103 Under the Stars, Skeeters
30. p. 108 Frames with a Flourish
31. p. 109 Card Games NEW, Game Night NEW, In the Cards NEW
32. p. 111 Boho Backgrounds
33. p. 128 Classic Stripes
34. p. 143 Please Come

Anyway, there you go.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Probably cuz nothing much is happening in my life at the moment...I get up in the morning, thank my Heavenly Father for all that I have, read a few scriptures, eat breakfast, get cleaned up and dressed for the day, drive a half hour to work, arrive at work, maybe shoot a few nerf ammo darts at Larry who deserves it cuz he shoots me with Dwane's nerf machine gun on occasion---most of the time I am truly an innocent bystander just sitting there at my desk working, check email, get working on drawing whatever stamp set or project I am working on at that moment, eat lunch, drink water, listen to a book on audio, draw some more, talk about the latest news story, book, or the occasional silly tv show with co-workers, draw again, leave for the day, drive home a half hour or a little more (more traffic going home), get the mail hoping something fun will be in my mailbox, maybe run an errand or two, workout (hopefully), eat dinner, watch a little tv, draw on a personal project or two, thank heavenly father for my day, drop my head down on my soft comfy pillow and zzzzzz away the night till that blasted alarm wakes me up again....
So this is why I have not entered an blog entries for a while. There is something to be said about life just being the same day after day...I am glad for it. A nice thing though is that today I am off work and I am planning to tackle my basement...whose first, middle, and last name is complete and utter disorder! Goodness. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Wonderful Day!

I have posted before about one of my sisters (Debbie) and her husband (Troy) adopting 3 siblings from Ethiopia a little over a year ago. In fact my Christmas card this last December was a drawing of the 3 children. The two older sister siblings were adopted by a family a few towns away from my sister and her husband so all the children are able to see each other quite frequently. 
The 9 year old twins (my sister's children in the red dresses) were baptized this last summer. (The little boy has to wait since he is only 6.) When the twins were baptized, the two older sisters were not too sure about their siblings being baptized and the oldest was not happy about it at all. 
This last Saturday, on the 10th of January, the two older siblings were baptized. What a wonderful event! I was not there but I heard all about it. I am so happy for them. Just wonderful news. My sister said the spirit was so strong there and if it was how strong the spirit was at the baptism for the twins, I KNOW that everyone present could feel the spirit strongly. Life is grand! And I am so blessed! I love the gospel. It is the best thing in my life.

A Good Message to Remember

So I saw this California license-plated semi truck in Orem on Saturday at Smith's. No where on the truck was it written what company this semi drove for at all. But I appreciated the message it is sending out as it drives its cargo here and there on the roads... or sits in a store parking lot. Good for them whoever put that message on the sides and back of the truck. I appreciate it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Grateful Gazette 01/09/09

I am grateful for my family and friends. 
They know me the best and they are my support system in all that I try to accomplish and am hoping to accomplish. They accept me for who I am...even when I am not sure why I said or did what I just said or did in any given situation. ; ) They understand my feelings and thoughts.
I am blessed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


that post just below this sounded like I was crabby...didn't mean it that way. The people that talked to me about my snow day are super sweet people...I was just embarrassed.
I need to be tougher when it comes to the snow and just slide around like everyone else.
But I do find that sometimes I do speak out a little much. I need to learn to be more demure...

Didn't Realize

...that I would cause such a ruckus (of sorts) when I decided to take yesterday off because a lot of snow was forecasted for the town I live in especially (we got 8 inches!). A couple of people approached me and commented on my missing work yesterday. That made me feel weird. Yes I did say I was a snow whoos of sorts...but for people to comment and wonder why I am afraid of the snow (when I am not other than I don't like to slide!) really made me rethink me speaking some of my thoughts out loud anymore. Lately, even if a few snow flakes are falling, my boss says I should head home. And I know she is doing it out of kindness and safety for me but it makes me feel embarrassed.
Call me nutty- but if I have a choice I would rather not traverse point of the mountain as cars are slipping off the road.
But from now on, I will keep quiet about it. And still take off the occasional day off if I want to.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My 2009 Resolutions

1) To somehow stop the snow from falling so much this winter (okay, I was being funny but in a way it took me an hour and 20 minutes to drive home today over icy point of the mountain!) Too crazy.

2) Be kinder. Sometimes I can be overly crabby and I know it is out of personal frustrations I sometimes am feeling.

3) Really eat healthy. I know that I don't eat sugar-not a problem at all for me in that area...unless I am at a restaurant and the chef has secretly put some sugar into a recipe of that food I might purchase (which by the way, I would never add in the same recipe at home!) But I do know I need to eat more veggies. I love the fruits but am not so good at eating all the helpings of veggies I could. And I need to be better at drinking more water. That is all I drink but some days I don't drink enough. And grains of course. I think it is really important to eat healthy. I just feel so much better.

4) Exercise more regularly. Which I know having a treadmill during these winter months would fix that but I have to be careful with my money. As we all do. But I do have a means of exercising and I need to not find excuses as I have lately.

5) Read my scriptures more regularly and pray more regularly. I am sporadic at times. And I know  it would only make my life go smoother.

6) Enjoy each day more. Sometimes I take all that I have for granted for sure. I need to be better at really appreciating all that I have rather than moaning about what I don't have. Not that I moan though really. But I do know that I sometimes wish away days to get to a day I am looking forward to. But why not love today?

Thanks, Eden, for suggesting this. I needed to do this. I kind of did it in an earlier post but this is more official because my goals are numbered. Though they are not in any particular order. And I know there is more that I could add. But this is good for now.

Hello Everybody!

So my 2 year old nephew has had to miss nursery for the last 4 or 5 weeks...due to a sniffly nose or a little cough. And everyone knows it is taboo to bring a child to nursery with those symptoms. Just not kind to spread colds around to the other kids.
So Wyatt was allowed to finally go to nursery yesterday. He was thrilled beyond belief. And waited as patiently as a 2 year old can wait through an hour of sacrament meeting...
The time finally came for him to go into nursery and as he entered through the doorway he announced to the other children and adults in the room, "Hello 'body!" Which translates to "Hello everybody!" He was just so thrilled to be there. Not sure what the other little nursery kids thought of him announcing his entrance. But for the next 2 hours of church, my sister and her husband kept being told how much everyone just loves little Wyatt. We love him too for sure but it is nice to hear that others do also. ; )
That Wyatt is a crack up for sure! He reminds us of his father who is pretty funny in his own right. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Front Side

And here are my 3 cute nephews at the front... so fun to observe their different personalities. They are hilarious! And cute!

Happy New Year's Eve!

It was a fun night last night. One of my sisters, her husband, and her little boys came over to mom's to celebrate New Year's Eve with us last night. I had to snap a picture of her 3 little boys all sitting in a row with their New Year's snacks waiting for "Journey to the Center of the Earth" to begin. The boys look so cute all sitting there together. The littlest one loves to sit in between his big brothers. Just sweet. Their family went home at about 10pm. And I left for home soon after and only ended up staying up till 11pm. I close to the midnight hour but it had been a long day and not banging a pot or pan an hour later was okay with me. Just a fun evening. 
Happy 2009! May we all see some or hopefully most of our dreams/goals realized in this exciting and brand new year full of endless possibilities! Hey, I am planning on it! On to great things!!!