Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Another one!

We now have found another relative. This one is from Finland. His name is Petri. Though we did find out that just recently that one of our relatives (Timo), who was also from Finland and didn't speak any English, just passed away.

We are grateful for It has always been a struggle to find connections in family history on my dad's side of the family and it seems now that more and more doors are opening.

So grateful!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Family is the best!

Just wanted to say how grateful I am for my family. I love them all so dearly.

And a relative of ours just made contact with us recently. Through So great!!! We have exchanged family pictures and he sent us some that we have never seen of our dad and where dad grew up. And some of our cute little Finnish grandmother. I only knew her till I was 8 and so it is great fun to find out more and to see pictures. LOVE it!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Hold up your 10 fingers.
As you fold each one down, say something you are grateful for.
Do this everyday.
Soon you will realize how many blessings you really do have.

Can't help being a happier person. And recognizing and being grateful for all these blessings you have just starts bringing you more blessings.

You can't lose.

(And your fingers will get some exercise.)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

You think you really know yourself

Sometimes situations come up in life and you realize that you have a lot more to work on about yourself.

I just had a great lesson taught to me when I realized the root of some frustration I had been feeling for the last year. Actually a few more years than that but this year it really came into my vision.

So now I can work on it and improve myself even more.

I know that I am so imperfect. But I am thankful that I am able to continue to progress to be the person I really want to be once I realize what I need to change.

Oh I know...such deep thoughts! But it is true. I am not the person I want to be but I do know I am a work in progress.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Why do Mondays make me sleepy?

Yes, it is Monday. I am sitting at my desk. And I want to take a nap. Go figure. Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A dear, sweet friend

Our sweet friend Mary Day passed away yesterday. She was 90. My sister and I loved to visit her. To laugh with her. We loved that she said what she thought. She brightened our day when we visited with her.

We will truly miss her. We are happy for her to be reunited with her Frank. And other family members. But selfishly, we will miss her so much.

Thank you, Mary for your example and your strength. Every day we will miss you.

Love you, Queen Mary! We will always be your serfs.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I think I need a change in my life. Just contemplating it. No set plans. Just thinking.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Church activity the other night...Valentine Party.

The emcee asked, "Who has been married the longest?" They figured out who had been married the longest.

Then it was asked, "Who's been married the least?" I raised my hand.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Grateful for all the stuff in my life. But mostly the people.

A former co-worker contacted me yesterday and told me that one of her good memories of our former workplace was of me. It surprised me because there were much bigger personalities than me there. She also mentioned a friend that worked there, that she remembers too, who does have a really big personality. Anyway- it made my day to be thought of fondly from times past. I hope that I leave a good impression most of the time with those that I encounter. I know there have been times that I haven't and I have had much regret. But generally I think I try.

I am not grateful for all the negativity lately on social media. It is so wearing. So tiring. Makes me feel that people can't find any good out of anything.

Well- I choose to be happy. To be positive. To not let negativity drag me down. I really feel a person can make themselves sick emotionally and physically just by negative thoughts and actions and holding on to the past.

I know for me that I need to strive each day to be happy and grateful for all that I have and to look to the future with positive thoughts. And I will not let others affect me the other way.  I've been learning a lot about being positive and how it can make my day so much better. And my health.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


I haven't posted for forever. Mostly because I lost track of my password and was too lazy to reset it. So now it is all good.

Just was thinking this morning of all that I am grateful for. Our family had a wonderful Christmas and it was just good to be with them. That is the best.

I also saw some friends I don't see much anymore. Except for once a year. It is interesting how we all get busy.

I also love getting christmas cards. I know it can be expensive. Believe me- I know because I send out quite a lot each year. But it is only once a year. And what fun to open my mailbox and get something fun in the mail.

As 2016 draws to a close, I think about what I have and haven't accomplished. And I hope that I have made my parents proud of me. And my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I have much to keep working on every day but I hope that I have improved somewhat.

I know that every day I am so blessed. So VERY blessed.

If I have any New Year resolutions, it is to be kinder. And to really figure out the person I can be. This year has been a year of introspective for sure. I have learned so much about myself. It has been a good year.

Happy New Year!