Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday and it's almost over...

Just how I am feeling...that "my" Vancouver Olympics will be over this weekend. I will miss it. So fun. So great to have the world see how pretty Vancouver is. Dreams have been exceeded and lost during the games. That is how it is with the Olympics. But I have loved watching the whole thing. I watched nearly every evening. Even the curling on Saturdays (though I still don't get that sport... I remember watching it at the ice rink when I was young. And getting a little bored. And amazed as to why people did it.)
My eyes are tired. I stayed up late watching the Womens' Ice Skating program. Had to watch that. Yay for the Canadian who got bronze! She's had a rough time but still skated like a trooper. So sad about her losing her mom a week before. But she skated well. The South Korean won gold. Talk about pressure for her...her country pretty much would disown her if she got less than gold. Ridiculous pressure for a teenager!

I am glad it is Friday. I am at work. And I hope to get a lot done today. I am glad it is good weather. Yay! And I hope I don't fall asleep. Anyone have some toothpicks to prop my eyes open?

The temple was nice last night. As always. Saw Amy and Michael. And saw Ché and Jared. So fun!

Enjoy your last couple of days of watching "my" Olympics! (Pretty cute but so many people I know have been telling me that when they watch these Olympics that they think of me. Thanks, everyone. I will quit bringing up the fact that the Olympics were in Vancouver before too long... maybe...) And yay for my red mittens! Love them!!!

Happy Friday! (P.S. on Monday it is a new month...remember to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" when you first wake up....before you say anything else and you will have good luck all month! This is an ongoing first day of the month thing you can do. Can't hurt!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes I do like these

Okay so I know I was ranting about not being a fashion fiend. Sometimes I wish I was. But I am finding I'm just who I am and I will dress how I dress...though I do wish I could find more interesting clothing choices. I like one of a kind different looks. But I just don't find them that easily. Maybe THAT is my problem...
Again, not too big of a problem since I like to think I focus my life on things of more importance most of the time. (I'm just having a discussion with myself right now... ; ) And that is fine. Anyway I also admit that till about 2 years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead with a purse! Not me. Keep it simple. Until I found the earthy toned bag below. I found it in a corner of Super Target one day. I fell in love. It was just hanging there and it called to me. Instead of dragging my phone, organizer, sunglasses, etc, around in my pockets, I had a convenient place to carry them in...And I loved it that it was so simple. I am not a hugely frilly person. I like simple. And then my cute co-worker, Paula, made the fabric flower for me that I attached to my bag. I get lots of compliments about it and proudly tell people who gave it to me. Sorry the colors of it are bleached out in this photo. And then just the other day, again at Super Target, I found this cute little mustard purse. It is quite tiny. Not sure that my phone will even fit in it. Okay, it might. But I loved the color and how cute it was. So there you go. My two purses. Simple and functional.
And just another note...I am loving the Olympics. Like I said before. The end of this week will be sad for me. Just the thrill of these amazing Olympians competing in their events. Wow! And again another cheer for VANCOUVER! Truly it has made me extra happy, on top of my regular happiness, this past while. Go teams and people in the teams!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take care, Brent

A quick sketch of a friend. He left this earth too early. But I know he is needed on the other side.
Brent, I wish you well and I know you will keep learning and growing and continue to be amazing. And we will watch over your family. As I know you will too. How great that you are all sealed together for all eternity. A bond that will never be broken.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Tuesday

Too lazy to look back and see if I already posted this drawing. But I like it. Makes me think of summer days. Lazy days. A little boy greeting a friend who has come to visit...or maybe saying goodbye to a friend who spent a wonderful day with him.
February is zipping by fast it seems. A lot to think about these last few days...A friend's passing. And a brother's first birthday after his passing. It really makes me realize more and more what is important and what isn't.

It makes me sad if I get too involved in the silly things in life. Don't get me wrong...I like to be silly. I mean the frivolous the latest shoes or the latest fashion. Sometimes I think I should try to be a little more into things like that so that maybe I fit in a little more and on occasion I am. But then I also realize how fleeting and unimportant those things are too. I've decided I can only just be me. Take it or leave it. [Also a good excuse when I don't have the latest fashions... ; ) ]

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sending a Birthday Message into the sky...

So as my earlier post indicates, it is my brother Jason's birthday today. It is his first birthday since he had to leave us. (Though 3 year old Wyatt told my sister today that Jason was right in the room with them...which I truly believe. Little children are so close to the spirit and see much more than we do as adults. No question in my mind or heart.)

So here are our balloons. We each wrote a note to Jason and put them in envelopes and then I stapled the notes to the ribbons. Ander wrote on his envelope "and don't forget to come back soon." and Ben wrote on his envelope, "Your kids miss you." So sweet. I know Kiley appreciated that since she misses her dad so much.
And here is Ben, Wy, Ander, Mom, and Karen at Jason's grave. Karen is holding my gold balloon since I am taking the photo.
And there go the balloons. Mine is up high. I wrote in part of my note to Jason that he better start jumping to catch these balloons. ; ) Since we know he is here on earth near us always. You can see the little notes attached to the balloons.
The dark blue balloon is Wyatt's. It got caught in the trees. Wyatt asked his mom if Jason would come and get it out of the trees. We hope so.

I picked out colors of balloons that look like they could be from Star Wars. And also a BYU blue balloon. Jason would appreciate that.

Happy birthday, Jase! Love you. We hope you read our notes to you.

Happy Birthday, Jase!

Yes, I do wonder what you are doing now. I know you are progressing and doing amazing things that we can't imagine. I know you are watching over us. I know that birthdays don't really matter to you anymore. I know that you miss us. I know you know we miss you. I know that we are still shocked that we can't see you everyday. But I do know that even though your body is resting, your spirit is truly alive. You are alive. No question. I am glad you let Karen know that. And in the experiences that Wy Wy has had that testifies to me that you are very much alive. I know we feel you near us everyday. I know that you want to hug each of us and tell us that everything is OK. That you are better than OK. That you are so grateful that you don't have to deal with your disease anymore and that you are happy and finally able to move forward and that you are able to become the person we know you are that you were afraid to be. We are very happy for you but we will always miss you. I am sorry I didn't understand your disease fully and that I had a hard time separating you from your disease a lot of times. I miss the laughs we had. I loved that day when we were in your beater truck and you pretended you were going to race this guy beside us who was in this fancy red sports car. I could not stop laughing. I miss it when you were the real Jason--I am so happy for you now because you are the real Jason every day now and I know you are so relieved. I am glad you now know that Heavenly Father and our Savior love you. I know you didn't really believe that before...that you couldn't forgive yourself. But now you know for sure, Bumper. I am sad that when we tell some people what you struggled with your disease they just don't understand how you had to deal with it every waking minute. How it is so hard to understand how you fought it each day. Even being your sister, I struggled at times trying to understand. But I also knew how hard it was for you. I could see it in your eyes. I am proud of you for trying so much to overcome your battle. So proud! I know that Heavenly Father knew that you had suffered enough and that it was your time to be back with him. But we can't help missing you every day. Every minute. I am glad we are all sealed together as a family forever.

So I hope that Dad and your Uncle Les and all our family and friends that have passed on will all give you a hug today. I figure you can all hug each other on the other side. Dad, give Jase an extra big hug today from all of us. We love you and miss you both so much. So much.

Happy birthday, Jase.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here is the logo that makes me happy...

Every time I see this logo on NBC, it makes me happy. Yay Vancouver!!! Just brings a smile to my heart.
My aunt's sister, who lives in Vancouver, sent me an Olympic postcard that I got yesterday in the mail. That is so sweet of her. Thanks, Audrey! I am collecting all my Vancouver Olympic mementos.

The Flying Tomato did good last night. Wow- Shaun White is amazing.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Women's Snowboarders...Canada Gold!

I do feel badly for Lindsay Jacobellis though. But I am glad that Canada got another gold. Though I would have been just as happy if Lindsay got the gold. Come on ski resorts in Vancouver...SNOW already!


Just a quick note...Happy Wednesday! Wow- past halfway in February! Spring will come soon!

P.S. I feel badly for the U.S. snowboarder girl who went out of bounds and was disqualified at the start of a pre-medal race that I thought for sure that she would get the silver at least in the final race.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Website got a Facelift
Yes, some of the images are a little blurry...but it is okay for now. I just wanted to simplify the whole thing. Thanks to my friend Kevin who put it together for me.

Have a good day all! I am off to do my civic duty in a bit...jury duty. Certainly a new experience for me. On my paper it says it is only for one day. That is even if I am selected. So that is good. Lots to do at work so I need to be there.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Gold for Canada and yay for a day off!

Yay for Bilodeau from Canada for winning a gold!

I love the Olympics! Always have! Love it more this time since it is taking place in the country and city where I grew up (well, technically I grew up in North Vancouver but was born in Grace Hospital in Vancouver). Just makes me happy when they make the announcement that it is the Vancouver Olympics... I am amazed by the athletes. They are all so amazing and less than a second determines if they win a medal or what medal they will win. I think they are all winners.
Anyway it is just fun.

And even funner that I have today off from work. Woohoo! I love my work. I do. But I also appreciate hanging out at home and doing my own thing. So there you go.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. My sister Karen gave me a very sweet Valentine's card. Just very touching.

No drawing today...I'm on vacation...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Believe

Happy Heart Day!

Isn't it great to love and care about others? Happy Valentine's Day!
Not everyone has the joy of having a romantic love in their life, but everyone is loved by someone or lots of someones or they love someone or someones. So Happy Valentine's Day for all those who you love and for all those who love you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love this flower...

I love gerber daisies! And this one is a red one (though I wonder if it looks orange in the photo). I got it at our RS Stake meeting. Love it. They were handing them out at the end of the evening and I so hoped I would get a red one. That color just stood out so nicely in the bunches of gerbers. And lo and behold, she handed me a perfect red one. It made the already amazing evening complete.
And a added note...I'm loving the Olympics. Just exciting! Though very sad about the guy from Georgia. I imagine how excited his family was to have him be able to go to Canada and the Olympics. And to lose him even before the Olympics even started officially. What a shock for that small country.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ah, for Fridays! And long weekends...and the Olympics.

My Olympic mementos...The tag from my red mittens (that only residents of Canada can get but I have my connections still in Canada even though I don't live there anymore. Thanks Dale and thanks also soon to Clair and Sherrie).
My Sumi keychain. That I actually bought about a year ago. He is one of the mascots for the Vancouver Olympics. Had to have him since nearly 99% of the time when someone meets me, they think my name is pronounced Sumi. But I know it is a different name since it is Finnish. So I can understand.

And here are my lovely red mittens. Has the logo on the backs of the mittens and the maple leaf on the fronts. I think they are quite spiffy. the Olympics start!!!! Can you tell I am so happy? Vancouver, you rock! I love where I live now...don't get me wrong...but Vancouver will forever hold a special place in my heart. No question! I wish all the athletes well. May their dreams come true. If only that their dream is to be at the Olympics after all their hours...years of training. I am excited to watch the opening ceremonies tonight. As they show pictures of my hometown and show the Canadian spirit. Go Olympics!
I cheer for Canada, USA, and Finland! (My father is from Finland so that too means a lot to me.)


And it is very fun to have a 4 day weekend. Opie the dog kind of wore me out last weekend (though I love the little mutt) so I chose to use some of my vacation hours and have an extra long weekend.

Oh-and I might have to go to Jury duty on Tuesday. Wow- never done that before. I have to call on Monday to see if the case (whatever it is) has been resolved and as to whether I really have to go. So maybe it will be a 5 day weekend... (I hope that's all...I have work to do at work.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work Valentine Exchange

So a co-worker, Lauren, got a great idea to have a Valentine Exchange. We even made our own boxes for the event. Mine is at the top left. Yes- it was a quick-do-it-at-the-last-minute last night project. But for last minute it served the purpose. Then on the top right is the valentine I made for everyone. It says, " Hearts are red, the sky is blue. I'm so glad I work with you." I drew a little cherub guy and used our dimensionals (little pieces of foam that are lifting the cherub up from the card). The 2nd photo down on the left is what I received in my box. I even got a Valentine avocado. Cool!
The boxes were so creative, as were the valentines. What fun!
We celebrated today because a lot of people have Fridays off. Happy Valentine's to everyone!

Just thinking about the other side of the world...

I just pause and think about Haiti a lot since the earthquake. Those people already don't have much. And to add to it, more has been taken away. I pray every day that they can at least feel some sort of comfort and calmness in the midst of everything. The church members are amazing. Even though they don't have homes to go home to and have also tragically lost family and friends, they are out there helping and comforting where they can. I know that they are being watched over. And blessed for their unselfish acts. I have a friend who is from Haiti and he has gone back twice since the earthquake to help where he can. Bless those people who willingly give of their time and money to go there to help out. And bless those who give donations and pray for the people.
Happy Thursday. I am very blessed. And grateful for all that I have. Not only in my daily comforts, but also how spiritually blessed I am. My temple shift tonight!!! I am thankful I am allowed to serve there. I learn so much.

P.S. ONE MORE DAY 'til the Olympics start!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Only 2 Days...and what a great evening!

'Til the Vancouver Olympics start! I LOVE the Olympics. No matter where they are hosted. But being that I was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., it holds an extra special place in my heart this time. I am so excited!
The whole thing about the Olympics that is so cool to me is that these athletes work so hard and all alone at times. For no fame for so many hours of hard work. And lots of sacrifice. Yes there are those athletes who are really well known and they are amazing...but think of all the hundreds of athletes who don't get that fame but work just as hard. They put their heart and soul into it. It amazes me. And not to mention that the whole world is pretty much represented as they all come together. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! Good luck to all the athletes! And let the games begin!
And I got to go to an amazing Stake Relief Society Conference last night. The theme was "A Perfect Brightness of Hope". First our stake president spoke. So good. He talked about how a lot of people get distracted and don't recognize perfect hope...which is through our Savior. And that we need the light of Christ. He used the example of the little boy in Haiti who had to wait quite a few hours to be freed and sang Primary songs in the dark to comfort himself.

Sandra Rogers (who used to be in my ward and is VP of International Relations at BYU and amazing!) spoke with Nora Nylund (in our ward too and is stake RS pres). Sandi spoke the most but they talked about hopes. Transitory (wishes) and eternal hopes. She talked about WWII and how the women of Germany in the church persevered even with all that was going on. They kept going strong with their testimony of hope. The wind and waves of life come to all of us but eventually if we stay strong and have faith that we will eventually get to the promised land - the Lord. Hope and faith give us the power to choose obedience. We get tested with spiritual obedience. The happiest people are those who love thy neighbors as thyself. Each experience we have in our lives can be a redemptive experience. The Lord won't forget us. He loves us.

Then Shane and Tracy Warby (former members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and also used to be in our ward) sang about 6 songs. So amazing. A great testimony through music.

Then Lloyd K Newell... Wow! What an amazing and gentle man. He told us that of course he does not get paid to do Music and the Spoken Word each Sunday. It is his calling. He told us that President Monson told him that he is not getting released anytime soon. He has been doing it for 21 years now. As he spoke to us he told us that his father went to work 24 years ago and never came back. Not sure if he was killed in a car accident. But Bro. Newell had to stop speaking for a few minutes. He got choked up. He told us that he still misses his father. And then he told us that his mother had surgery 23 years ago and has never been able to walk since. But that she doesn't let that stop her. He told us that he had to clear his calendar to make sure that he came to our stake because his father grew up really close to our stake center. Plus he has two aunts who live in our stake. He told us that his mother still holds onto hope even through her trials. He said to us "We're all in this together". (Sounds like High School Musical) And that we all go through trials in life. That we need each other. We've all had heartache. We all hold onto faith and hope. With faith, comes hope, comes charity. Kindness is always called for because you don't know what others are going through. We need to continue constantly in prayer. We need to live a life of decency, honor, and goodness.
He also added that we could all pretend that we had inspiration as to what Music and the Spoken Word would be about the next two weeks. Pretty funny. But I will share. Next week it is on love. And the poetry of Elizabeth Barret Browning. And on the 21st it is on the untold Olympic stories. He was told by President Hinckley that he needed to convey a spiritual gem each sunday. He said that he hopes he does that.

Truly an amazing evening. My heart was touched.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Tuesday and a time to pray

Just thinking about a dear friend, Beth, whose husband Brent has cancer. Two forms of it actually. And how amazingly strong and brave they are both being. They are truly amazing as they try to overcome this seemingly insurmountable challenge. I am truly humbled. And when I have silly little complaints about how some of my dreams have not come true or that I do not enjoy getting my teeth cleaned (yes, what a silly thing for sure!), I think of Brent and Beth as they daily pray and hope that somehow a miracle will happen for them. He is currently in ICU and from what a friend said after visiting him, it truly will have to be a miracle. It breaks my heart. What good and kind people they are and it hurts my very soul to think of them dealing with this trial.
May we all have a prayer in our hearts for this wonderful couple. I know that the Lord is in charge. I have realized that for sure especially in this past 10 months with losing my brother.
I am constantly thinking about you and praying for you, Brent and Beth. May your kids feel the love of our Savior also during this very hard time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Can We Keep Them?

I had to post this...
Me and our mom went over to Karen (my sister) and Alan's on Sunday night for dinner. We were eating dinner and all of a sudden out of the blue, my three year old nephew Wyatt said to his mom (Karen), "Mom, can we keep GrandMary and Lori?" (My nieces and nephews call our mom GrandMary.) So my sister Karen said," Of course we will keep them, Wyatt."
Isn't that so sweet? I am glad little Wyatt wants to keep us. We certainly want to keep him!

I'm Awake!

These are my blinds that I got custom made for my side window that is near my front door at my house. My sister's dog hates to be away from them and their house. So while I was away at the temple on Thursday night, Opie ate my blinds. Sigh. Oh well. Yes, I was dog sitting for a couple of days. Now she is back home and is calm again. My brother-in-law promises that Opie won't be back at my house. The thing is she is such a sweet dog. But she hates being away from home...obviously. Now to call the blinds company that I got these from. Thursday night, the dog stayed awake all night trying to break out of the little bathroom so I wasn't able to sleep all Thursday night. Lucky that I got Friday off from work. I needed it!
Happy Monday! I have to go to the dentist after work. Maybe they will do something to my teeth so that I can chew holes in my case I miss my sister's dog? ; )
I guess I explained this in my Friday post... oh well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hard to be

A dog sitter. When the dog just wants to be home. Chewed up blinds (during one of her escapes the first night), accidents throughout the house, and I had no sleep last night cuz I could hear her all night pushing on the gate to escape in the house. And she also escapes during the day while I am not even gone long from my house. Sigh. It will be nice when Opie goes home tomorrow. She hates being away from her house and family. And I can try to put my house back together. It would be different if she lived here all the time. But she only comes once in a while and does not like it at all.
So much for a restful day today.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Day at a Time...

"I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." Hah. I like that quote. Gratefully I am not feeling that way today. But sometimes I do have days like that.
It's Thursday! A good day. I work at the temple tonight. I got more sleep last night. That is a big thing. Though why I am still yawning is beyond me! But I feel SO much better.
10 months today since my brother Jason had to leave us. Plus it is his birthday this month. So just odd feelings going through me. Missing him every day. But I know he knows that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a...'s a's Wednesday. (Well, maybe it looks more like a baby chick.)
Not too much going on at the moment. Which is a good thing I guess. I do know I am wanting the weekend to come so that I can sleep in. The last two mornings I have been very unhappy that my alarm clock went off. Just so unbelievable that it could be morning already. I wish I could make myself fall asleep at about 9pm but that is close to impossible. 10:30 or 11 is more the norm for me. And then I complain that I am getting up at 5am. Ah well. I need to shut down and sleep. That would help.
I need to get my taxes figured out. I do hope I get a refund. Of course it is smart to break even but there is something about getting a lump sum in February or March that makes me happy. We will see.

Oh, a funny thing I needed to 3 year old nephew told his mom (my sister Karen) the other day that he is annotated with her... Irritated with her? We are not sure. But it made us laugh for sure.

And my 7 year old nephew keeps dropping his clothes on the floor of his room when he changes. And leaves them there. So his mom (my sister Debbie) said to him, "Marcus, you need to pick your clothes up after you take them off." And he sighed and said, "I knew this day would come!" ; )

Okay another thing to add. My sister Karen had an amazing dream last night. I wish I had one like that. She dreamt she saw our brother Jason in a room. She was so overwhelmed and said," Oh, Jason, you aren't dead." And Jason said, "Yes, Karen, I'm alive." She told me she was so overwhelmingly happy to see him. As I would be for sure. That just touched my heart and solidifies my feelings and testimony that I know my brother Jason is away from us but that his spirit is VERY much alive. That he is not dead. His body is resting till the resurrection but he is very much alive. And that he is near us. Oh, how we miss him!!! 10 months tomorrow. 2 months till we get to do his temple work. What an amazing day that will be and I know he wants it done. And I know he misses us too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


...'til it is Valentine's Day. The day of love. I am grateful for the daily love from my family and friends. None of that romantic love stuff for me. ; ) Though I'd take it if I found it and all the stars aligned etcetera etcetera. But for now I get to be loved by lots of people. Very grateful! Loving my life for sure!
Yesterday was Ground Hog's Eve! I bet you are all excited. Though that chubby, furry little groundhog with the two big front teeth saw his shadow this morning so that means 6 more weeks of winter. Ah I long for you!

Have to add this really amazing quote....
You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
C. S. Lewis

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Another Rabbit Rabbit Day!

Hope you remembered. It's always good to have good luck!
Happy Monday! Church was wonderful on Sunday. Made me think about a lot of things. And the sweetest was when I mentioned to my sister that in my ward that we are all (church-wide) being asked to pray that the Haitian people feel comfort and to donate in any way we are able to. And of course, my 3 year old nephew Wyatt wanted to give the blessing on the Sunday dinner--he wants to do it every Sunday. So when my sister was helping him through the prayer, she had him bless that the Haitian people will have comfort and it just touched my heart. I think that prayers are even more powerful when little innocent children pray to our Heavenly Father.
I pray that somehow the Haitian people will find that comfort among all their loss and the unbelievable devastion and that somehow their lives can become better. It seems like such a daunting task. I appreciate all the groups that are trying to make a difference there. And I hope the Haitian people feel our prayers.