Friday, October 31, 2008

A Great Halloween Day!

Work was okay yesterday. Not inspired AT ALL yesterday. Also had a few issues I was dealing with that totally irritate me. 
Got up. Went to the track. Voted early. Bought cafe rio! Put on my pumpkin shirt for the day. And am now enjoying my Cafe Rio and am going to do some cleaning in a little bit. LOVE TODAY!!!!
Happy Halloween to all!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin in a Can!

Okay this cracked me up...I saw this poor little rejected and dejected pumpkin sitting in a garbage can. He looks like he is trying to pop out. Well, at least he has a good attitude about his predicament and is still smiling.
Happy Halloween from me and the pumpkin in the can!

I Tag You!

I think I am the Lori that Jenny tagged...if not, I will do it anyway... ; )

6 TV shows I watch:
Crusoe, Privileged, Amazing Race, The Office, Survivor, Music and Spoken Word

6 Restaurants I like To Eat at:
Cafe Rio, Rumbi Grill, Macaroni Grill, Red Lobster, Apollo Burger, Cheese Factory (most of these places I go to for the salads...but I do like Apollo Burger Fries which I have about once a year.

6 things that happened YESTERDAY since it is kind of early today...
Came to work, didn't fall asleep at my desk, did some work, went to the track, watched tv, didn't work on my christmas card.

6 things I am looking forward to:
Winter being over! Spring coming back. Things working out for a family member. Thursday night. Having some dreams become reality. To keep remembering to be grateful and to get my christmas card done.

6 things on my wish list:
To find a cute boy with my same beliefs and dreams someday. To laugh at things I get tense about. To just be silly. To have my car paid off. To have a house with a garage. To always have a testimony and not worry about the silly world around me and it's beliefs. To always be happy and realize I have so much!

6 people I will tag...though everyone should do this...
Christine, Julie, Erin, Che' and Jared, Marilyn, Eden.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good to feel good!

So Sunday morning I woke up with a headache. Just enough of one to be irritating. I took something for it but the headache didn't go away. So all during church I felt tired. The headache continued through all of Sunday. I woke up Monday morning...still with the headache! Rude! But the trooper that I am ; ) I went to work and from the minute I got there I wanted so badly to fall asleep under my desk. So then at about 1:30 I couldn't take it anymore...I went home and fell right into bed. Slept till about 5pm. Ate something. And then went back to bed till 5am this morning. I woke up still not up to par but decided to go to work. I am more than happy to report that my headache is basically gone and I am a little tired but NOTHING like the tired I felt yesterday! And my stomach is still a little queezy but not too bad.
It is GOOD to feel GOOD! or at least better! So watch out if you feel a little headache coming on.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Speedboat in the Blue

Okay, this might be a little hard to see...there is a white line in the sky made by a plane. Whenever I see those lines in the sky, it reminds me of a speedboat in the blue air instead of a speedboat in the blue water.  So there you go- an off-the-wall thought by me. This particular speedboat (air boat?) in the "blue" is upside down...though in China it might be right side up depending on what side of the earth you are on at the moment. Ha ha.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jealousy among the trees?

Even though our Fall season means that the cold and snow are coming around the corner, I do have to admit that the Fall colors are pretty. Wow- look at this amazing pink and orange tree that lives in the grass beside the track that I work out at each afternoon! I think the "still-green" tree behind it might be a little jealous. (The tree behind it also might be the kind that doesn't change colors, but we won't go into that...)
Ha!...You can even see the shadow of me taking the photo. Funny.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sun is Shining!

Things are fine. Hey, we all have our trials and testing to go through on this earth. I know things will work out. 
All I know is that I am so happy I have a paid day off from work today and that the sun is shining and it is warm outside. And that I think my washing machine is doing okay...a day or so ago I was worried I would need to get a new one.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just thinking...

So, our family went through a tense experience this last weekend. Actually the experience has been going on for forever it seems...but at some points it hits very steep peaks and is even harder to get through. And this last weekend it felt extra-extra tough. Yesterday we were able to come up for some air and I slept so much better and I was able to eat dinner. (The night before I couldn't eat.) I am so very grateful and thanked my Heavenly Father. Who knows what the future will bring but I keep praying that this situation will finally have a good outcome in our family. It is a situation where tension, anger, and feeling helpless are poking us on all sides. Not to mention everyone feeling exhausted.
So if you don't have to go through something like this, be extra grateful. 
I know that we can get through this because we have so far...but I pray that the best outcome happens...and soon. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving is today...

So today it is Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada! Last night most of my family met up with a whole lot of Canucks in Alpine, Utah. It was a fun time. Good to see friends that we don't always see and to appreciate that we could all talk freely with our Canadian accents. ; ) 
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! If you know any Canadians, wish them a good one today....and happy Columbus Day too!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Sketch I Did A Bit Ago.

This is a sketch I did not long ago. I just thought the little girl was sweet. It would be fun to do a book in this style. Just simple pencil sketching. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dimensionally Fun!

So I went to a friend Julie's baby shower last night. It was fun to make this card for her. I am not the least bit crafty in the way that people can add a button or a ribbon to something but I do like to draw pictures and use dimensionals (little foam pieces that are sticky on both sides)...which when you stick them under a layer of paper, like I did with the baby drawing, it just makes the card a little more spiffy-looking and more "dimensional"... thus the name of the product. The shower was fun and I got to visit with friends and laugh and talk and eat food. Isn't that what baby showers are for anyway? ; )

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thinking about the rain we had this weekend.

Not really much to post today. I am just working on stamp sets and ready to leave to go home for the day in 20 minutes!  But can you believe all that rain we got over the weekend? Oh my goodness!!! It just never stopped. Reminded me of the rainy Vancouver streets where I grew up. This picture shows Canada Place. Just thought I would look up a rainy photo in downtown Vancouver...for fun. Here is some info about Canada Place...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It was fun to draw!

Here is a birthday card I drew for my boss. It was fun to put in all the different colors on her face and hair. That is great fun to me! She liked the card. I am glad.
Now to make a living at doing fun stuff like this. Sigh.