Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Grateful for all the stuff in my life. But mostly the people.

A former co-worker contacted me yesterday and told me that one of her good memories of our former workplace was of me. It surprised me because there were much bigger personalities than me there. She also mentioned a friend that worked there, that she remembers too, who does have a really big personality. Anyway- it made my day to be thought of fondly from times past. I hope that I leave a good impression most of the time with those that I encounter. I know there have been times that I haven't and I have had much regret. But generally I think I try.

I am not grateful for all the negativity lately on social media. It is so wearing. So tiring. Makes me feel that people can't find any good out of anything.

Well- I choose to be happy. To be positive. To not let negativity drag me down. I really feel a person can make themselves sick emotionally and physically just by negative thoughts and actions and holding on to the past.

I know for me that I need to strive each day to be happy and grateful for all that I have and to look to the future with positive thoughts. And I will not let others affect me the other way.  I've been learning a lot about being positive and how it can make my day so much better. And my health.