Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am glad I got my lawn mowed before the NorthWest weather we have been having came back today. My lawn has never looked greener or more lush before though. Which I love! But I also wouldn't mind turning my furnace off and seeing the sun's happy little face for more than a half day at a time...if that.

It is the end of May already. Just saying.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So why in the world are people always trying to compare me with other people? Just in the fact that they are always saying,"Did you know you look just like so-and-so?"

My question to the universe is..."Can't I just look like me?"

"Hey, you look just like yourself!" (Wow, that would be a shocker to hear that! Besides it sounding weird...)

Anyway, I just find that extremely odd.

Side note: I do love it when people say I look like my sisters or mom though...since I am related to them and it makes sense.

Yah- this blog post was because I was just feeling weird from a comment spoken to me last night.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A good day on Saturday

So I subbed on Saturday at Mt Timp. And it was a great day to do had been exactly a year since we were able to the temple work for my cute Bumper boy, Jason. What an amazing day that was. It was the best place to be. And it made me think of him a lot that day. Not that we don't think of him nearly every day anyway, but just a tender and sweet reminder. And of course it got me wondering again what he is doing these days. Love you, Bumper, for all eternity and back again! Still so indescribable how strange and sad it is that we can't talk to you (though I know for me that I do talk to you a lot...I just wonder if you have time to hear me.) or see you. But just know I am so proud of you and I know you are finally able to live up to your true potential. We knew you had it in you... and we are so happy knowing that you know this now.

( I just like how these business cards design into my brother's name.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Saying...

So we had church on Sunday. A family was sitting in front of me. The boys were probably 5 and 7. They both had little handheld devices that held a lot of video games. So the whole time they were playing the games. And once in a while the littlest would say,"Dad, I got shot." or "I killed them." Overall just inappropriate for these kids to have these games in church but even sadder that the parents allowed this. Can't kids go without being entertained for a few hours in a day?

It was sad to me.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Trina & an Artist Palette from New York's Fishs Eddy

So my nephew Zach had to interview an artist for school. Oh yah- I guess that is me... most of the time. It was cute. (Though a lot of his aunts and uncles and cousins draw...) He asked me different questions like how long I have been drawing...forever I told him. Ever since I can remember. He asked who inspires me... a favorite illustrator of mine is Trina Schart Hyman. LOVE her style. Here are some samples. Just love the intricate and whimsical style she had. (She passed away in 2004.) I can pick out her books a mile away. I have quite a few.

When I was at BYU, we were asked by our illustration professor to choose an illustrator we admired and the assignment was to write to them and ask them questions about their style. And what inspires them...hah- kind of like my nephew was asking me the other day. Funny.

Anyway- she sent me a copy of this book she did. I treasure it. She hand wrote all the answers to my questions for her. Another amazing keepsake!

This book below is from the story she illustrated called Red Riding Hood. Love it. I own it.

This page is from her book called Snow White. Again another one I own. If I had my way, I would collect all of her published works. I am trying...

I don't own this one...Rapunzel. Love it!

Our SU work group just got back from NYC this week and Kathy brought back a cute ceramic artist palette for me from Fishs Eddy in NYC. A cool store. Lots of overstuffed shelves with lots of kitchen treasures and overall fun knick knacks. It's fun to walk through. I enjoy it when I have been there. Thanks, Kathy! Very fun!
Happy Friday!!! Hey- it stopped raining for a little bit this morning! YESSSSSSSSSS! Though it was pouring on the way to work this morning of course. A semi jack-knifed! So the freeway was cut down to 2 lanes for a bit. Sigh. Yes,people---whether it is raining or snowing- you are not immune! Take it easy already. Slow down. Does it really make that much difference if you get to your destination 5 minutes faster? Just a thought.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yes I like Eeyore but this is getting ridiculous... ; )

When it rains, I say it is an Eeyore Day. So I have had to say that a little too much lately. I feel like I am back in Vancouver during the winter. That is what a lot of the winters are like in North Van.

I like rain, but it is past the middle of May already!

All I can is that no one better complain about us not having enough moisture this year! I may sick Eeyore on them!!! And he is tough! Hehe.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Pater

Happy birthday to my cute dad! I love you. My pater.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Flying and a little Dancing with some Feathers

For YW, we like to have guests come for the girls. Keeps our activities more interesting for the young women and for us as the leaders...

So the end of April we had our Flight Night. Thanks, Lisa! You made the evening so great! I think the YW and YM both enjoyed it. A good reminder to keep the commandments in order to help protect us.

For an earlier activity in the year, we had our Primary President, Sarah, come and teach folk dancing to us and our young women. It was fun. Though the leaders held out longer than the girls did! Hello! Thanks, Sarah, for taking the time in your busy life and missing your son's soccer game! Thanks to Gwen and Chloe for coming to help their mom!

And then for an even earlier in the year activity, we had Lindsey come and show the girls how to make head bands that were adorned with, not indian headbands with lots of feathers...but instead, stylish headbands with feathers as an accent. The feathers were flying but it was a fun activity for sure. Thanks, Lindsey!
I think I am caught up with thank you cards for now...

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Keddy Card!

Hopefully my friend Kelly (or known by me as Keddy) does not follow my blog too much... I drew a birthday card for her and am sending it off to Idaho tomorrow. What a sweet friend she is. And I wish she lived closer! We have lots of laughs and have had fun adventures. A true friend that I can talk to about anything. Miss you, Keddy Munchcliff!!!
Isn't it great to have good friends? I love it. I am blessed with quite a few! Happy Sunday!

(And no- Munchcliff is not her last name either. I just call her that.)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cute nephew!

His mom- my sister Deb- took the picture. Such a cute boy! He just turned 9. She got a new camera. So great!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Google Fun & Sweet Service

So a BYU animation professor was asked by Google to created a little animated gif for their header yesterday. This is it unanimated (obviously). The run started on the right and these different characters did flips and turns. It was pretty fun. And no, I do not remember what famous person it was representing. Oh well. Anyway, it was fun to see this. Hope you got to also.
Happy Thursday. We had a great activity last night for YW. The girls all have their "adopted older sisters" from the ward that they were supposed to do a service project for. Yah- none of them set anything up. (We are trying to teach them responsibility...hmmmm.) So one of the Laurels suggested we go to a park and do service for ourselves and just talk. Nope. Not happening. We reminded them that the idea was that we do service for the adopted sisters. Hint hint. We decided as leaders that we would all go as a group to each of the sisters' homes and sing a couple of simple hymns. It turned out to be a great evening. Some of the adopted sisters bore their testimonies to the girls. There were a few wiped away tears from some of the older women. And most importantly, I think the girls really felt the spirit and were touched by the words of these women. It was a good evening. I think it was a growing experience for our YW. Much better than hanging out at a park.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Logos a plenty...

Not saying they are any shining moments logos...but they are what they are.

This first logo is for our YW Girls' Camp this Summer. I am trying a couple of ways. The theme is "A League of our own" and the girls came up with the idea that they would be super sister missionaries and that they work together as a team. This logo is kind of the idea that one of our YW came up with. I modified it but tried to keep it true to what was originally drawn...but I fixed it up just a little ; ).
Here is another version. I like the super girl having a red cape better than a gold one. But I also like how the super girl is in front of the letters in the first version but I wanted to keep the letters red...thus the gold cape. Ah well. We will see what the girls want. It is their choice.

And here is an interesting logo I was asked to create for a blinds/vacuum company that is located in California. After many tweaks, this is what they approved. Hey- just so you know, I was not in the brainstorming of the concept meeting! I just drew what I was told. A lot going on for sure!!! Looking at it now, I should have made the surf board less pointy. Oh well. They finally approved it and I was glad to be done with it. The part I do like is the font treatment which took all of 5 seconds. I love it when fonts nestle into each other.
Happy Wednesday! The sun is shining!!! Yes!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Okay, John, you are up on my blog!

Here is cute John. He is a little buddy of mine. The son of two good friends of mine. He will be turning 8 in June and this sketch is for his baptism day. I am glad he likes it. Sorry John that I can't come to your baptism that day...since my nephew Ander will also have turned 8 and I am going to his baptism that day. But I will be thinking of you and the great step you are taking in your life to choose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am proud of you and Ander.

A Gooder Day

Yep- I am feeling better and I am getting things accomplished at work and at home. It's just all good! I got a couple of logos done and a drawing for some friends for their son's baptism. (I will post the drawing later.) I have one more logo to get done. Oh, and I am also feeling better so that I can work out again. Yay!!!

And I got my lawn mowed...before the rains we have had the last couple of days. YES!!!

And I admit it...I have a lawn mower that I abuse. Lucky thing it isn't a normal mower. In that I really should change the oil once in a while, check the spark plug, and mostly make sure the gas has run dry when I put it away for the winter...but no!!! I have had this little mower for about 6 years or so. And I don't check the oil. I've never gotten a new spark plug. And I leave gas in it over the winter. I know- I am a terrible lawn mower owner!!!! All I do is sit it out in the sun for a couple of hours on the first warm Spring day, punch the button 3 times, pull the cord, and maybe it doesn't start from the first pull...but then on the 2nd pull, it starts up. And I mow my little lawn. Either I am really lucky or my little mower is extremely kind to me. Thank you, little mower! I love you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Good Day!

Today is Friday. The sun is shining. I am slowly feeling better. And I realized that I have been in a woe is me attitude the last month or so. ENOUGH I say!

I have so much to be grateful for. I have a family who loves me and care about me...especially my sisters. They knock sense into me. And I need that every once in a while!

Everyone has hard times and struggles. Welcome to earth life! It is how we deal with it...with our attitude. Thanks, Deb, for reminding me of that. Love you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Have Decided That Sometimes

You have to deal with some situations and just remember to breathe. Those are my words of advice for myself.

(Update- my cold is becoming less of one! It is still here but gratefully not as overwhelming.)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm an UN-cold fan!

Yep I have a cold. Bleck. I am close to it being gone but I still feel a little tired and want to sleep. But I am doing okay...but I hope to soon be better! At least I am at work. So I can infect others...kidding. I am making sure not to get near anyone and I really feel that I am pretty much done with it. But I do have to say- how rude considering it is now nice outside...and I have to stay inside and get better.