Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Seeker

The Seeker
A seeker went exploring
to find happiness and love.
He sought them in the city
and in the hills above.
He traveled many a highway,
asked many a passerby,
"Where's the path to happiness?"
And this was their reply,
"We're also on a journey
seeking just like you,
but these gifts of love and happiness
are found by very few."
Then he met a shepherd
whose countenance shown bright--
"Can you tell me," asked the seeker,
"how your face took on this light?"
"It came as I stood gazing
at a Babe upon the hay.
God's gift of love and happiness
abides with us today!"
Author unknown

Saturday, December 22, 2012


So I had to stop by my former townhouse this week to pick up some stray mail...
The new owners recarpeted and put in new wood floors and painted.

These are the stairs. Used to be a super light cream carpet and an old wood floor at the entrance. the dark wood kind of shows at the entrance and this is the new carpet they put in. So nice!

This is the old cream carpet (YUCK! Such a pain to keep clean!) and all the photos and stuff I had around the fireplace. Too much clutter. But it was important stuff on my mantel-family photos etc.

And here is the newly painted former townhouse of mine. And the wood floor they extended into the dining room and of course they have new carpet which looks so nice.

So there you have it. The new owners did a great job. I didn't see in the kitchen. Wish I had asked to see it. But for now it looked like the kitchen cupboards are the same. I assume they got all new appliances.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family is the best.

I am a proud aunt. And this isn't even all of them. Great photos, Deb!

Karen's boys.

Deb's kids.

And I even nabbed a photo of Jenna from Jerri's FB page. She was in the Nutcracker.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The ABC Girls

A is for Amy, B is for Beth, and C is for Claudia. They live in my neighborhood. Oh to be so cute.

A Couple and an Elf and a Thought.

Two projects I got finished this weekend...

A co-worker's parents.

...and a silly little "crunchy" elf drawing for a little handout treat thing at work. 
Now to get working on wrapping presents and miscellaneous things this week. Christmas is in 8 days after all!!!

Merry Christmas. Amidst the brightly wrapped packages and ribbons and bows, may we remember our Savior always. And all that we have been given.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 Brothers

A drawing I did of my 3 brothers. They are older now of course and were never the same age at the same time. Hah- I realized I put the unfinished drawing here. Ah well. You get the idea.


Ta da! It is 12-12-12 today! It seems like it should be a magical day for some reason.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to my nephew, Ben!

He is 11 today! Can't believe it!  Here he is a couple of weeks ago getting his Arrow of Light in Scouts. He is a great nephew! I am thankful for all my siblings' children.

Friday, November 23, 2012


I am thankful for my family. My sister Deb made a pie for me that was made with honey and whole wheat flour. It was a fun surprise to eat dessert with everyone. It isn't like I can't eat sugar. I just choose not to. And I don't miss it a bit. So I was just planning to not have dessert...believe me- I always fill up on the main course anyway. But it was a sweet surprise to find out my sister made a pie for me. That was so kind.

It was a good Thanksgiving. Sad that some family members weren't there but it was a fun surprise that Chels and Caitlyn stopped by. (I hope they survived their three Thanksgiving meals they were going to yesterday! I was done just with one!)

I have many blessings.  Many things to be thankful for. A family who loves me no matter what. The foundation of the gospel that guides me especially in these uncertain times we live in. A home that keeps me warm and comfortable. A job that helps me pay my bills. And friends who are here for me. I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sweet Little Guy

A sweet boy that I never met (though I saw him play basketball with one of my nephews once). I was asked by one of my sisters and her husband to draw him for his family. He passed away this summer. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Bluebird from Mom

So I was at my sister's house on the 26th-a year to the day since my Mom passed away. In the morning. We were waiting for another sister to come so that we could help her with a project. Pumpkin carving actually. For her work contest.

So as we waited, my sister just suddenly looked out the back window and saw quite a large-sized bluebird sitting on her fence looking our direction. Silly me forgot to take a photo so here is a photo from the internet.

But we like to think that Mom sent it just for her to let us know that she is thinking of us. It stayed long enough that I could look at it for a minute or so too.

The crazy thing is that we have never seen a bluebird here (or at least haven't noticed one.) so we like to think that Mom sent it. We used to see bluebirds in our backyard in North Van and I remember that Mom would show us that they were out in the trees. I remember we were always excited to see them.

Kind of interesting too that just after my brother Jason passed away that I saw a large robin outside my townhouse and once in a while it would seem to look at me. It kept showing up each day for a while. I started calling it Jason---though I question it was the same robin each day. So when I see robins, I think of Jase. Not that Mom or Jase are birds. 

Just a sweet thing to think that mom had something to do with this bluebird coming to visit. I like to think she did. Just to remind us that she is aware of us and loves us so much.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Voted 2 days ago

Wanted to avoid long lines...but I was in line a whole hour. Funny. Ah well. I did it.

Friday, October 26, 2012

1 year today

Miss you so much, Momma. Can't believe it has been a year today. You know I think about you almost every day. You know that I adore you and am so grateful for the amazing example you are to me. You know that my heart aches knowing I can't talk with you and be able to give you a hug and that you will tell me everything will work out.

Love you so much, my little plum.

I know you are watching over all of us. Along with Dad and Jase.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ben and Mel

My nephew Ben with his first attempt at drawing people. Way to go, Ben!

A 16"x20" poster I put together for the retirement party for Mel. He has a great legacy in his family and all of his friends who all think he is pretty amazing.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two Projects finished this weekend

...and more to go. But so nice to get these done.

A coach I know...Mel Olson...who is retiring from working with the BYU football program. He and his family are such good people. Grateful to know them.

A sketch I did for a co-worker's Mother-in-law. She looks like a sweet woman.

Now off to work on more projects...YES!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Passing By Each Other

I met a little girl yesterday named Charlee. Her Mom told me that she was just barely 11 months old. I asked the Mom what Charlee's birthdate was. Turns out she was born on the day my sweet Mom passed away. Wow. It made me picture that as my dear Mom finished her journey on earth that day and was passing to the other side that maybe Mom gave this little girl a hug as Charlee passed by to start her journey on earth. A sweet thought.

Miss you, Mom. Every day. Every moment.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012


Gave the closing prayer in my church meeting on Sunday. I asked my 6 year old nephew if I did okay. He told me I did well except that there was one part where I sounded like a teenager. ; ) He said that I said, "Yah". I don't remember saying that but his appraisal of my "performance" made me laugh. Ah, 6 year olds.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some Good People

Had a great time on Friday going to Shirley Johnson's (retiring BYU football secretary) retirement party. Here she is with Lee Johnson (kicker for BYU a while ago.)

Chris Germann, Ty Mattingly, Tom Holmoe, and Mel Ferrar (in front). Mel was an assistant trainer to the team then. Great people. Good friends.

Chris Germann and Ty Mattingly.

And a pic of the YW and leaders of my former neighborhood. Great friends!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Note to Self...

Be grateful for all that I have.


Monday, August 13, 2012

A Sunday Afternoon Field Trip

So on Sunday, I went to dinner at one of my sisters' homes. 

We decided to take a drive. We stopped at the Fairfield Cemetery. (COL. PHILIP ST. GEORGE COOKE June 13, 1809 March 20, 1895 Impartial friend, humanitarian, soldier dedicated to the West unequivocally loyal to the union, Col. Cooke commanded the Mormon Battalion on the greater part of its historic march which contributed to bringing western America under the Stars & Stripes. Cooke helped establish Camp Floyd in 1858 & was from Aug. 1860 to July 1861 the commanding officer of the Military Dept. of Utah, earning the respect & gratitude of the Mormon people. When many persons defected to the South including Sec. of War John B. Floyd & General Albert Sidney Johnston, he changed the name of the post to Fort Crittenden Feb. 6, 1861. Cooke received orders via Pony Express in May 1861, to abandon the fort and return the remnants of Johnston's Arm to Leavenworth. Assigned to the defense of the nation's capitol, he was given the rank of Brigadier General.) I guess Fairfield is one of the places they stayed for about 4 years.

This is my niece waiting for us. Didn't have her shoes on.

 A sweet little headstone. I wonder who Catherine was. No dates on the headstone.

As we drove back we stopped at a neighbor's farm. The kids got to collect eggs.

Fainting goats...yah, not for their protection. They faint when they get scared or excited.

Fairfield graveyard. Some of the headstones were so tiny. And so many unmarked.

Lots of headstones saying "killed by indians". Sad.

Niece with mini pony. The pony is only a week old.

Niece with one of the cute pups we met. His name is Zeus.

Another niece with another pup. This pup is a girl.

Another of my niece. Looks like she is riding a surfboard. ; )

My nephew with the mini pony's Mom.

My nephew with the mini pony.

Nephew and Zeus the mighty dog.

My nephew sitting on the mini Mom. Never been sat on or ridden... till last night.

Bro in law and others with mini pony.

Mormon battalion emblem in ground.

This chicken looked like Phyliss Diller to me. She kept looking at me. I talked to her for a little bit.

Strawberry roan Foxtrotter baby.  Pretty little thing. We liked her markings on her face.

Dramatic white eyebrows.

Such a fun afternoon. Just driving around and enjoying nature.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Choo Choo, eh

A cool train photo I found. And it is announcing where I was born and raised! North Vancouver that is.