Thursday, December 29, 2016


I haven't posted for forever. Mostly because I lost track of my password and was too lazy to reset it. So now it is all good.

Just was thinking this morning of all that I am grateful for. Our family had a wonderful Christmas and it was just good to be with them. That is the best.

I also saw some friends I don't see much anymore. Except for once a year. It is interesting how we all get busy.

I also love getting christmas cards. I know it can be expensive. Believe me- I know because I send out quite a lot each year. But it is only once a year. And what fun to open my mailbox and get something fun in the mail.

As 2016 draws to a close, I think about what I have and haven't accomplished. And I hope that I have made my parents proud of me. And my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I have much to keep working on every day but I hope that I have improved somewhat.

I know that every day I am so blessed. So VERY blessed.

If I have any New Year resolutions, it is to be kinder. And to really figure out the person I can be. This year has been a year of introspective for sure. I have learned so much about myself. It has been a good year.

Happy New Year!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Monday!

The start of a new week with all sorts of possibilities!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bonnie Oscarson came and spoke to us

Bonnie Oscarson is the General Young Women President for my church. One of her daughters is in our stake and so I guess we had some pull there. It was a wonderful evening last night. I got so much out of her talk. Some of the points that made an impression on me is how we are all so important to our Heavenly Father. We are worth worlds to him. (I loved that!) That we need to replace the noise of the world with good things and not get caught up in what isn't important. The world is very noisy these days and we are inundated with being told we aren't pretty enough, we aren't skinny enough, etc. and that we need to conform to what the world thinks is important. I don't think so!

I am grateful to be a daughter of our Heavenly Father. And for the knowledge I have of the gospel. We are worthwhile and we are all beautiful (or handsome for the men and boys) and we all have a purpose. I feel very blessed.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Every time I think to post something

I keep thinking of how blessed I am. How grateful I am.

For my family...who is always there for me. Always around me.

For sweet friends. I don't have a lot but the ones I have mean so much to me.

For my health. My immune system has been on hiatus this last year it seems. But I know it is because of stress in a lot of ways. I have somehow let a lot of things get to me. It is amazing how the human body doesn't function as well when your mind is stressed. But I am getting healthier and healthier. Slowly but surely. And it reminds me of how grateful I am for good health.

For the gospel in my life. It truly is my foundation. Along with my family. Everything else is much better with these two foundations in my life.

It's a good day. Grateful for much.