Saturday, August 12, 2017

You think you really know yourself

Sometimes situations come up in life and you realize that you have a lot more to work on about yourself.

I just had a great lesson taught to me when I realized the root of some frustration I had been feeling for the last year. Actually a few more years than that but this year it really came into my vision.

So now I can work on it and improve myself even more.

I know that I am so imperfect. But I am thankful that I am able to continue to progress to be the person I really want to be once I realize what I need to change.

Oh I know...such deep thoughts! But it is true. I am not the person I want to be but I do know I am a work in progress.


Jennifer said...

We all have shortcomings we can improve on, but you are an AMAZING person. I hope your insight will lead to less frustration on your part though because frustration is no fun.

Lori said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I appreciate your friendship and your thoughts. Of course we are never perfect on this earth but i am grateful for friends and family who know that i am trying and mostly appreciate me for who i am. even in my imperfectness.