Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Impcrabfrus...a new word

Ever been impatient about things? Sometimes crabby about things? And sometimes frustrated about things?...All at the same time?

Just wondering if I am the only one.

Sometimes I just want certain things to work out and it seems I am being patient but then maybe I am not. And then I wonder if there is a reason that I have to wait---which most likely there is! And sometimes I do not handle it the best and I get a little crabby. And for sure a little frustrated.

All I know is that whatever situation we are in, and it isn't the most fun at the time, is because we do have to continue to be patient and try not to be crabby and remind ourselves to keep the frustration level down.

All things work out.

Just my "two cents" reminder for myself. ; )


Kari said...

Haha! love the word. That is totally me, so don't feel alone:)

Jennifer said...

Now I'll know what to call it next time I'm feeling a little impcrabfrus.