Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's For You, Kiley! 13 year old niece is deathly afraid of spiders. I am not a fan either but if they are not of mammoth proportions, I have no fear of ending their lives by a quick squish from my shoe or a tissue.

So...last night we saw a spider that was on my mom's window sill...outside. Which I know that as I tell you this story that you will not be too happy with me because Mr. Spider was just minding his own business. But he was a mondo huge spider. Gave me a bit of a chill I will admit. Onto the story...

So...I found the spider spray and Kiley and I went outside to spray this spider's life out of him. Mean, I know.

I sprayed him. He cowered. I thought I had really done the job. But when I stopped spraying...he kept crawling along. So I sprayed him again. Cower. And then he moved along again. What is he? Mighty Spider? So again I sprayed him. Cower. And then finally he got into a crack in the ground.

I assured Kiley that he has gone into a dark corner to die.
We went into the house. Hoping that the spray had done the job.

Maybe 3 seconds later, the doorbell rang. I yelled at Kiley,"Hey, Kiley, the spider is at the door for you." (Now that was funny!!! Though I do have to say that kind of unnerved me that the doorbell rang just after the spraying fest on Mighty Spider.) By the way- it was the pizza delivery guy for my sis in law.

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Jennifer said...

I squished a spider when I was visiting my mom in Idaho. I squished it in front of a child, who was watching me. I got an earful from my sister-in-law, who believes it is right and proper to catch spiders and free them outside. Apparently killing a spider in front of a child is even WORSE, unforgivable. I would not say I was sorry for killing the spider, only that I was sorry it upset her when I did. Boy, would you be in trouble with HER if she saw you killing an innocent spider in its natural habitat!