Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good People

"It is gratefulness which makes the soul great."

And I hope I am learning to be that way for I am so grateful for parents who are examples of that and of who I could not have asked for better parents. We grew up with love we felt every day. Something I would not trade for anything. Our childhood was filled with amazing memories of that love and laughter and the perfect, simple, carefree days of childhood.

The greatest compliment I can think of: my parents are good people.

And the thing that stands out also in my mind and heart is of how my parents live the gospel. They believe but most importantly, they live it.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. I hope I can strive each day to truly show my love and respect for you in how I live my life. And for what I believe in and stand for. Humbly and gratefully.

I love how young and cute they look. How happy they are together and for all eternity.


Laura said...

This is such a beautiful tribute to your parents, Lori! Hugs to you, my friend.

Debbie said...

I love that picture. Mom and Dad really are the best. We were very lucky.

Heather said...

Beautiful post and pic!

I hope you're doing great, sweetie!

Jennifer said...

Such a sweet post about your parents--and, yes, they ARE so cute in the picture. Maybe they are dancing again now. :-)

Susan said...

It is a darling picture of your Mom & Dad! So awesome!

Kari said...

Just lovely, Lori