Friday, December 9, 2011

A True Peacemaker

Personal Progress went so well on Wednesday night. Our PP leader has been blind since birth. It truly is amazing how much she accomplishes in her life. The list is very long. From teaching at the MTC, giving amazing SS lessons on Sunday or RS lessons and just overall being extremely independent.

She gave a wonderful lesson to the girls on being peacemakers and then she gave them a paper angel which was so cute...but then she said to open it up and inside was a hand knitted soft white head band with ties. With a big braid down the middle. The headbands were so soft and pretty and angelic. The girls looked so pretty in them. Honestly that amazed me that she could knit those and that they were all perfect and all the same. She said she worked on them from last February through May. Off and on of course. But still! It was just a sweet peaceful night. I know Kathryn is a good influence on those girls. She brings calm. She brings peace. She is a peacemaker.

I did take a picture of the headband but obviously not a sideview. Maybe I can take one when the girls that weren't there pick theirs up later.

The picture above is of one of the girls modeling it.


missy said...

What a great example for your girls. Overcoming adversity is a hard lesson to teach, but you are blessed to have a living example of that for them to watch. You're lucky to have her in your organization!

Laura said...

Is this the Kathryn I'm thinking of?! I can only imagine what a great Personal Progress leader she must be! Lucky girls to be blessed by you and Kathryn!

Lori said...

Yes, Laura, it is that Kathryn.