Saturday, December 22, 2012


So I had to stop by my former townhouse this week to pick up some stray mail...
The new owners recarpeted and put in new wood floors and painted.

These are the stairs. Used to be a super light cream carpet and an old wood floor at the entrance. the dark wood kind of shows at the entrance and this is the new carpet they put in. So nice!

This is the old cream carpet (YUCK! Such a pain to keep clean!) and all the photos and stuff I had around the fireplace. Too much clutter. But it was important stuff on my mantel-family photos etc.

And here is the newly painted former townhouse of mine. And the wood floor they extended into the dining room and of course they have new carpet which looks so nice.

So there you have it. The new owners did a great job. I didn't see in the kitchen. Wish I had asked to see it. But for now it looked like the kitchen cupboards are the same. I assume they got all new appliances.

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