Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wow- 2013 is here...Resoluting it...

I am hoping I accomplish much this year.
--to be a little kinder/nicer.
--to not be so sensitive about situations that I can't control.
--to work harder at being healthier...food/exercise.
--to focus more on others. Hey- it's not all about me and I forget that sometimes. ; )
--to everyday be grateful for something in my life.
--to strive to learn from all situations.
--to be thankful for a job.
--to come up with freelance work/business idea with my sisters.
--to always realize there is a reason to be happy and thankful.

Happy 2013!


Amy said...

Lori- You are already so many of these things! Here's to a wonderful 2013!

Lori said...

Thanks, Amy. That is sweet of you to say! I hope I can live up to how you think about me.

Happy 2013 to you too!