Monday, February 4, 2013


Just seems like in the last while there has been some unneeded drama in my life. Just hard to compete with.

This weekend was perfect. I was around some of my family. I got some projects done. I saw 3 different friends of mine. And that was just what I needed. I could just be myself.

I find myself in one situation in my life, lately, where I feel like I need to compete and I am so over that. Just too much drama and effort and a waste of my time. And mostly I was tired of feeling left out and of feeling a little bit hurt too.

It was so nice to take a breather where I could just be myself. Absolutely loved it. No 5th wheel feelings for me this weekend. Just good, peaceful, happy feelings.

So thankful for all that I have. So grateful. Grateful that my family knows who I am. Loves me and accepts me. No competition at all.

PERFECT weekend.


Kari said...

Lori, you're awesome. You don't need to compete with anyone, cuz if you did, your awesomeness would win everytime

Susan said...

Boy do I know where you are coming from!